How to choose: UofT, Emory or NYU

Hi everyone. I am an international transfer student who will begin my Sophomore year in 2021 fall. I am considering choosing UTSG, Emory, or NYU. I am admitted by NYU MCC. I really love the communication field and related humanities or arts. However, the cost is huge. My family can support me for undergraduate study but if I go further, there will be a financial burden. I don’t want to let my parents and myself bear too much pressure. My boyfriend and lots of friends study at UofT, and if I go to Canada with him, my parents will not worry about the safety issue. And if I go to UTSG, I may select econ+art history or human resources. I don’t have some specifically interested major at UTSG but the PR policy now is really great. In the long term, maybe I can continue my study after obtaining PR. About Emory, it is a great school but I personally don’t own much enthusiasm. I can hardly be objective because I have to face realistic conditions, and my relationship lets me want to go to UofT more. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks!

What is UTSG & what is PR ?

PR policy is the one that allows international students to have the opportunity to stay in Canada, and UTSG means UofT St. George.

Do you mean "University of Toronto at St. George " ?

What words does “PR” represent ?

Yes. PR is just the permanent residence right to stay in Canada.

The University of Toronto main campus (St. George) is composed of about 22% of students from China. Canada’s international friendly permanent resident policies are much more welcoming than that in the United States (USA).

In my opinion, life would be much easier & more welcoming at Toronto than at any university in the US. Seems as though the University of Toronto would be the best option for you financially, socially, and with respect to long-term residency.

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Thank u!

The cost is huge - NYU.

You are wanting to major in one of the least job ready, least paying fields - so go to the one that is cheapest.

I’m a Syracuse grad (Newhouse School) and it smokes any of these - and my poor dad overspent.

I do well with my MBA- but for 90% of people, communications is not a good major. Just an easy one.

Thaks for your opinion !