How to close a thread?

<p>Yes, how do I close a thread?:D</p>

<p>only moderators can, I think.</p>

<p>yeah, only they can.
or you could just post something like:
This thread is closed. and hope that no one else posts.</p>

<p>And if anyone else does post then just hit "Report Problem Post." :)</p>

<p>(No, don't do that.)</p>

<p>you could always report your own post...

<p>what do they do about the reported posts...I've never tried so I don't know. I always thought they gave the person in question a little warning.</p>

<p>The mods review it and take action according to the problem. If it's on the wrong board, they move it. If it's unnecessarily hostile, they delete it.</p>

<p>I think they delete the posts if they're offensive. I was warned once but couldn't find out why because the whole thread got erased.</p>