How to convert 1 to 100 point scale to GPA and weighted or unweighted

<p>As the title stated above. Pls help! </p>

<p>The best bet is to ask your teacher or your guidance counselor. Different countries and different schools do it differently, and there’s no “perfect” GPA converter for international students. Most of the colleges in the States look at your relative GPA as opposed to a finite number for international students. Again, different colleges do it differently; your best bet would be to ask your guidance counselor or email the colleges directly.</p>

<p>Use the scale that matches your transcript. Unless specifically requested (highly unlikely), don’t convert your grades for a college application.</p>

<p>If you want to convert your grades to GPA for your own amusement, there are many different conversion scales. [url=&lt;a href="]Here’s[/url"&gt;]Here’s[/url</a>] one.</p>