How to find whether a boarding school is a right fit for you?

As the title suggests, I want to know that, how do you find whether a boarding school is a right fit for you. I have created a wish list of around 15 boarding schools and I want to narrow my list with the schools who are not a right fit for me.

List your preferences & list the 15 boarding schools so that posters can help you to target the most suitable schools.

My current list of 15 schools-

St. Paul’s
St. George’s
St. Mark’s

What I want in a school?

  • Good academics
  • Good STEM program
  • Good theater program, Student Council/Government and a debate team or a MUN team.

This list combined with your preferences should generate meaningful responses.

Broadly speaking, all 15 school should be strong academically.

My preferences- Exeter, Andover, Choate, Groton, Hotchkiss, SPS and Middlesex. But I also want that the school must give full FA to int’l students if they are eligible. Can you also tell me the schools which can give full financial aid to international students from my list?

Your last post is very important & should be your starting point as any school which is unaffordable is not a realistic option even if offered admission.

Hopefully these posts will generate responses from others.

Can you also tell me the schools which can give full financial aid to international students from my list?

You can research that as well as I could. I do not know the answer without researching each school.

Go to the financial aid page for each school on the school’s website.

Can anyone tell me which boarding schools among my list have a great STEM program and is also generous with financial aid for international students?

They are all great for STEM, and you’ll be challenged at each. Financial Aid policies are always changing, especially for internationals, and they are different at each school. The only way to really know is to reach out to the admissions teams at each school.

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How to find w BS that is a right fit for you? My advice is to talk to as many current students as you can from the schools you are applying to. Your parents might want to also talk to other parents, if possible. This can be tricky, but do connect with people here on CC. Be prepared to receive information that may not be what is in the view book. Do request honesty - you want to know the truth. Dig beneath the surface.

  • I have been very open and honest about my kiddo’s experiences. I feel this is a public service to applicants and their parents. I am not paid to promote the school. I just try to pass on knowledge. I do try to provide accurate information that is often overlooked by admissions, but requested by applicants. Every student has their own unique perspective and experiences. Finding the right fit very much correlates to your expectations about the boarding school experience.

Some schools have made significant changes to their curricula, their staffing, their dorms and their overall student experience over the past 18 months due to COVID. The experience was different since March 2020. Some schools have initiated changes that will still be enforced or will take on a new slant next year. You need to know what questions to ask when visiting campus, interviewing, and/or speaking with current families. Knowing what to ask is key.

Remember my motto for CC: If you have nothing nice to say about a boarding school, please tell the truth…or DM me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Size of school - do you want a big school or a small school that feels more personal and family like?

While two schools can both be academically awesome - are the students cut throat or collaborative?