How to Get Into Bentley

Hey guys! I’m going to be a freshman this year at Bentley University (Class of 2023) so let me know if you have any questions on how to get in/beef up your resume, or just want to get an opinion on whether you’ll get in or not. Comment below your questions or high school profile (clubs, volunteer, GPA, courses taken, class standing, SAT/ACT scores, possible essay topics, etc.)! I’m also a member of the Women’s Leadership Program so I can give advice on that too!

My stats so far (i’m a rising junior)

  • 3.5 GPA (i go to a prep school & i will be taking 3 APs & 3 honors classes as a junior so my GPA will change for sure)
  • won excellence in design thinking award and then TA’d the class sophomore year
  • over 1000 hours volunteering and organizing on a communal level
  • i organize the largest eco cleanup in the state of pa
  • got the governor to sign a proclamation declaring april 2019 as sikh awareness and appreciation month & educated over 650 people, including students, members of a local NAACP chapter, and government officials
  • extensive work experience (i’ve interned at a construction company, IT company, hospital, and i am a consultant at an agency recognized by forbes and business insider)
  • varsity tennis player
  • 28 on the ACT (haven’t officially taken it yet but i’m shooting for a 32 in April)

I’m interested in the Women’s Leadership Program, and I’m wondering what my chances are to get in + how I can increase them as Bentley is my dream school!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Classcoverthinker, I would love to personal thoughts on what Bentley’s Women’s Leadership Plan is all about, and how they choose candidates for entry into your program. How do you like the Program and how much of a commitment is it (outside of classes and all of the other involvement you must have outside of academics)? Application is via the common App, correct? (and answering three essay questions). Is this all that is necessary for applying to the program and is selection based on these three essays combined with GPA/leadership activities/EC’s/SAT/ACT scores or all of the above? Also would love your thoughts on how the academic workload is freshman year, and what are the “core” classes you are taking? Best of luck your freshman year, congratulations, and thanks for your input!