How to get into Chemistry Honors

so I ended biology this year with a C+. My school requires a B- or higher in biology to get into Chem Honors for the next year. However, since I didn’t meet the requirement, I’m now in the Chemisty Academic class. Currently during the summer I am taking a similar chemistry course at a local public high school and I am surprisingly doing extremely well in the course, I have a 93 ( and it’s an honors course). Does anyone have any tips as to convince my counselor/administrator to let me take chemistry honors next year? I was going to send them my grades in the summer course, request my summer course teacher to talk to the science administrator for my district, and talk to my administrator myself. Does anyone have any opinion or ideas of how I can make my argument stronger? Thanks

At my school if you aren’t recommended for a course by your teacher/counselor based on grades, you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) can ask for a waiver (which signifies you know how strenuous the workload is and you must stay in the course, even if you fail/are failing.)
Taking the class a second time (like you are doing) shows that you want to/have master(ed) the material and you are prepared for Honors Chem.
Good luck!

I think that’s a good idea. Good luck!