How to keep mind off of colleges?

<p>What are you guys doing to (attempt to) keep your minds off of colleges? Right now, I can't sleep, can't focus in school, can't do anything because of this stress. I've only heard back from my safe matches or safeties and really want to hear back from the schools I want to go to, and think about it non-stop. Aside from March Madness, what else would you guys do in my shoes?</p>

<p>I have the same problem. I even dream about colleges. >.></p>

<p>So far, the only time I stop thinking about colleges is when I get really miserable or angry for some unrelated reason. </p>

<p>Or when I do archery. Try doing something that is relaxing and yet requires extreme focus at the same time...that's the only self-help solution I know of (except perhaps sawing off your foot so that pain importance>college importance).</p>

<p>listening to angry music helps me. But I still have no focus... maybe writing down all your feelings will help, lol</p>

<p>I eat ice cream and try to surround myself with friends or family at all times so that I'm constantly talking or focusing on something that won't allow my attention to turn back to college. Just keep reminding yourself that worrying or anticipating won't make the decisions come out sooner. I also read a lot and exercise can help get out frustration.</p>

<p>I just make-out w/ girls</p>

<p>Or....if you are hella nerdy, you should try to study your AP test! You know it's coming!!!! =D</p>

<p>work out at the gym</p>

<p>MArch Madness and watching TV all day and all night :D</p>

<p>Fall in love with a boy or girl. I can't get this one boy off my mind...and I'm using this college stuff to distract me! :-P</p>

<p>same as sheed30, March Madness and comparing brackets :)</p>

<p>Sadly, I've found myself cleaning, organizing, and doing detailed work to get my mind off college. As it gets closer to decision time I think I'll be alphabetizing friends' bookshelves and baking cakes every 4 hours.</p>

<p>kevin....ha. hilarious!</p>

<p>I find surfing around CC as kind of an effective way to sate my college fix and satisfy my nerves a bit without being obsessive and trapped within the realm of the unknown.</p>

<p>I had a dream today about my first choice. It was cool. I should hear from them tomorrow.</p>

<p>music helps me out. been almost addicted to meshuggah's new album.</p>

<p>Find a time-consuming hobby - like learning a new instrument, or learning how to do something you've always wanted to do (learn how to swim? skateboard? something?).</p>

<p>If you're not quite that motivated to distract yourself (trust me, I wouldn't at this point), there's always movies, TV shows with engaging plot lines, escapist novels, good music...</p>

<p>if you're not doing your best in school or if you're serious about the APs, I suppose you can get academic, but that reeks of college.</p>

<p>And if you kind of want to think about college but not really, you can prepare - start going through your clothes and belongings if you don't plan on living at home for college and see what you're really going to take with you. I think the idea of change in itself is pretty exciting, even if it were to your safety. The cleaning/organization process is actually really calming to me - let's you think back, look forward, clear your mind, and kill time.</p>

<p>The auditions for the spring musical have been sucking up all my time and attention... that and my work suddenly decided to have me work 26 hours this week.</p>

<p>So, uh, I guess my suggestion would be to get more involved with one of your ECs (or work) for the next two weeks. Or start baking Easter cookies. Lots and lots of Easter cookies.</p>

<p>pretty much ive been dreaming about getting into colleges too...LOLOLOL</p>

<p>Just do something you love. I'm working on Mozart's Turkish March finally (independently, after putting it off for six years!)</p>

<p>Sign up for your road test and fall in love...then you get three things to switch off between obsessing about!!!</p>

<p>Watch March Madness and avoid games with UNC, Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, and UCLA in them.</p>

<p>On second thought, don't watch March Madness.</p>

<p>start a blog and pour all of your feelings into them everyday, leading up to the moment u actually find out...
thats what i'm doing.</p>

<p>(and im sure wen i look @ the posts next year, im gonna be like "whooooaaaaa i was crazy!!")</p>