How to Prepare to Retake IB Exams in November

"THIS FALL’S International Baccalaureate exams scheduled for November kick off on Oct. 23 with school-based syllabus SL paper 1. While only a percentage of high school students retest for IB credit in a typical year, 2020 has been anything but typical.

Due to the novel coronavirus, IB officials canceled spring 2020 assessments. In an equally unprecedented decision, the IB also announced it would calculate students’ final grades using a scoring algorithm. Not all students agreed with the policy change, with some questioning their lower-than-expected results. However, students who wished to demonstrate their knowledge via a traditional IB assessment can do so this fall.

It is also worth noting that several IB subjects have been specially added to the fall assessment schedule due to the impact of the coronavirus – for example, Further Mathematics in English.

IB has confirmed that it will still award diplomas, career-related certificates and course results on all the usual scales.

Assuming that fall 2020 IB exams will be administered as expected, here is how you can prepare in the week leading up to your test date." …