How to send LORs? It is so costly!!!!!

<p>So, I want to start working on college application as soon as possible. Here is a thing that's bugging me.</p>

<p>How you guys will send LOR (all) to different colleges? I'm asking because from my country, it'll take almost 6-7 weeks if i send them through post office plus it's not safe. Really.</p>

<p>I can send with DHL or other courier services, but it'll cost about $80 if I send those 3 letters separately. Is there anyway out?</p>


<p>if you’re using the CommonApp, your teachers and counselor will just upload the letter once, it will cost nothing and it will be used by all the schools you apply to.</p>

<p>Thanks. But, all my official transcripts are based on paper. Can my counselor upload scanned transcripts? That won’t be a problem because I’m the only student from my school to apply and my counselor will help me whatever I need help with.</p>

<p>You can use Docufide or sth like that. Some schools accept it though. Not everyone.</p>