How to submit your essay or writing piece for feedback


How does it work?

  1. You securely submit your writing piece.
  2. Our essay readers and you will receive a group private message (PM) where Q&A can happen as a group.
  3. Individual members of the Essay Readers group will provide feedback to you directly via PM.

SImple steps for how to submit your essay or writing piece

  1. Please send a PM to @compmom for feedback. The form to contact the essay reader group will be back online soon!
  2. Wait for the essay readers group to provide feedback. You will receive a notification on CC when it is ready for review.

After the review of your writing piece is complete, it would be helpful for others if you left a review of the feedback you received to encourage others to take advantage of the process. Reply in this thread with your thoughts.

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Want to give essay feedback?

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How do we pm?

@CC_Jon can you please find out what the status is with this function?

Bascially I take all the essay writers on this thread. The thread does not work as originally intended. @tommyshelby I will PM you.

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Sure thing. I might need to start a new form/mechanism, but we can certainly do better on this.

Sorry if I’m missing something - how should we go about pming you?

Alby I cannot PM
you. Your account is private. Usually I PM anyone who posts here and then you can send an essay on that PM thread.

I think I just changed it to public? Sorry about that! Thank you :slight_smile:

You can PM someone whose account is private by starting the PM from your account by clicking the envelope icon, then entering the person’s username/handle.

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Hi @compmom, I couldn’t figure out how to PM you directly, but it would be awesome if I could send my essay for feedback. Thanks!

I will PM you @ YellowMelon

Hi @compmom. I am also looking for feedback on my common app essay but am not able to send you a PM. Please let me know if you would be able to review it. Thanks!

Will do.

Hi, I never received a PM from you. Is there any chance you would still be willing to take a look at my essay?

Sorry I missed you! Pm’ing now.

Hi @compmom -
I would love to PM you my D23’s essay, if possible. Thanks!


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Hi @compmom, I was trying to PM you my daughter’s essay, but it says it’s private. Can you PM me, please? Thanks so much!

Just did. My account is not private. You may not have enough posts to initiate PM’s butyou can respond to mine.