How to take AP Notes??? URGENT!

<p>I have to finish my summer homework for AP world history. We have to take notes for chapter 1-3. I have been writing 1 sentence per paragraph but it takes a long time. How do you take AP notes?? My homeworks due Monday!</p>

<p>Anyone?? I need this now! :(</p>

<p>Just meet the standards your teacher has set for the notes. If you don't know them, well one of day doing the notes imperfectly isn't going to matter.</p>

<p>You've never taken notes from a book before?</p>

<p>I did Cornell Notes for AP Euro. Extremely inefficient (literally took me ~2 hours for 10-12 pages of reading), but also extremely helpful.</p>

<p>I just jot down important pieces of information if I'm in a rush. Or, since you want to make a good impression on your new teacher, do a nice outline, with a Roman numeral or a letter for each section of the chapter. You don't always have to do complete sentences also.</p>

I)Indus Valley Civilization
A)Social Structure
B) Military</p>

<p>et cetera....</p>

<p>OMG. I have the same exact problem. Mine is due soon too. None of my friends have started yet so I can't ask any of them for help. </p>

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<p>I don't know if your book is set up like this, but if they have it set up with headers, subheaders, and subsubheaders, you take one sentence per subsubheader. After you've done all that, summarize the subheaders in one sentence, then the headers, and finally the chapter.</p>

<p>Look up the Cal Newport method. I'll outline it for you here:</p>


<p>What this means is that you take notes in a question-evidence-conclusion format. So, you'd read a section (could be a paragraph to a page usually, whatever is written that has a main point to it) and then you try and figure out the theme/thesis of that section. So, for something about the Napoleonic Wars, maybe do "Why were the NP wars significant," or "What kind of long term impacts were caused by the NP wars." Then you list evidence, aka the details of your section. For this example, you can talk about the </p>

<p>-increase of nationalism (what happened & where did this occur)
-Napoleonic code (what is it)
-defeat of Napoleon by British, rise of their navy</p>

<p>then lastly, you end with a conclusion. You could say that the NP wars made it so countries could form (b/c of nationalism) and monarchs had to be better because the NP code remained after NP lost. This makes it easy to study from your notes, because you ask yourself the question and try and reason your conclusion from the evidence you collected.</p>