how to thank a teacher for writing a reccomendation?

<p>Well the message says it all, I asked my Anatomy & Physiology teacher to write me a recommendation. Considering her busy schedule with AP bio, labs and other classes and clubs, I was thankful that she accepted to write my recommendation. Now that it is written, how do I thank her for this?</p>

<p>Write her a thank you letter. It might sound simple, but think about when the last time you got a well written, though out thank you letter. I gave my comp programming teacher a letter after he gave me my recs and he said that it was the best thanks ever and it made him realize that teachers are still appreciated. </p>

<p>It not only makes the teacher feel good, but it will make you feel good too!</p>

<p>yup, i did cards too. pretty straightforward, no box of chocolates or tawdry apple desk ornament necessary.</p>

<p>card + box of chocolate here.</p>

<p>some other dude in my class gave a teacher card + pot of flowers. very tasteful, i have to say.</p>

<p>it all depends.</p>

<p>my teachers are very aware of a tradition i have</p>

<p>the ones i love the best, when i leave them (like I had one teacher two years in a row, ap euro and american law) i write them a note. I say how much they mean to me and I really work on that note, I don't just jot one off. it's like an essay, it's so important.</p>

<p>so some teachers have heard about this and they're just waiting for theirs, ha</p>

<p>I added a gift certificate to a bookstore or some little local place :)</p>