How to transfer from year one UK university to US college

I’m currently attending Queen Mary University of London. However, I am considering transferring to a university in the USA after my first year (I’m a citizen and I went to a US high school, and also have an IB diploma). The only problem is, I won’t have an official transcript to send for my courses in the first semester until the completion of the whole year, as my semester one results will only be provisional until then, and I don’t think I can get my provisional results on a transcript. I believe the most I could provide is a document describing the modules I’m taking and their credit value, without actual grades. Pretty much every deadline for Fall 2022 transfer is far earlier than when I’d have access to my transcript with actual grades. And as stated, I went to High School in the US, so I do not have A level grades.

I am wondering what this might mean for a potential transfer application- If I can’t give a transcript with first or second semester grades until the summer, will this harm my transfer application or make it so my high school grades are focused on?

I know policy varies based on universities, and I plan on reaching out to the prospective universities I’d like to apply to, as well as the academic advisors at my current university- I am just wondering if anyone here has gone through a similar situation and can provide some insight.