How to type my application?

<p>I remember similar thread already existed, but I'd like to create it again. I absolutely don't know how to have my application typed! </p>

<p>Needed the help!</p>

<p>Many colleges / common application provide PDF's in which you can type.</p>

<p>Or else, you can just write neatly.</p>

<p>or go to a public office like a library that could let you use a typewriter for a time</p>

<p>Thank you!
Yes, I can type Part I (Biography) and Part II (Tests and activities), but I'll be senting them online.
I'd like to say what about Recommendations and School report? They cannot be typed in PDF editor. And I very doubt that in library or somewhere else there is a typewriter with latin alphabet (I'm from Russia).</p>

<p>Here's what I did:</p>

<p>Save the pdf As an image file (.jpg, .tiff, etc.) or, if the program you're using doesn't have that option (Adobe Reader doesn't), then go to Print, then Print to File.</p>

<p>After that, open a new document in Microsoft Word and insert that image file into the document. Enlarge and position the image until it perfectly fits the page, then choose the option "Behind Text," so that the image will remain in the background while you type.</p>

<p>Now you're set to type anything just as you would in an ordinary word document. (The text will appear on the image.)</p>

<p>cool, or just download adobe proffesional from Kazaa :D</p>

<p>What is adobe professional? Do you mean Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Photoshop?</p>

<p>If you mean Acrobat: Some pdfs do not have fields for text input, so, even if you've got acrobat, you cannot type anything in.</p>

<p>If you mean Photoshop: The bitmap nature of its processing will make the forms fuzzy when you print them out.</p>

<p>Thank you very much, guys!</p>

<p>I heard that there is some programm, which lets to edit every pdf file, but it costs a lot. About photoshop, geniezclone, you're right, the document will be fuzzy.</p>

<p>yeah i meant adobe acrobat profeesional, so far my apps have had fields for input,
so hmmm lucky me :D </p>

<p>Anyways the rest of apps will be done online and i suggest u guys do the same. Its much easier and most colleges recommend it</p>

<p>Stardragon, there's actually a much easier way. Go to Go to the section for teachers. There, you'll find PDF files, where you can type in the information. (the only thing is that if you do not have a professional or some other paid edition - you will not be able to save them - but that's not a big problem). Here is the direct link : <a href=""&gt;;/a> Enjoy!</p>

<p>manyzhka, do you notice there actually is a problem in the birthdate field? No more than 3 digits could be entered in the 'yyyy' field which actually requires 4 digits. Any idea how to rectify that?</p>

<p>Also, I notice at the header where you find the Teacher Evaluation, the list of institutions which accept that form are blurred.</p>

<p>Anyone uncovered any other problems with this file?</p>