How Valuable is UT Austin Plan II/ English major compared to Rice

So basically I didn’t apply to Rice as a first time freshman because I psyched myself out, and instead am going to UT where I am majoring in Plan II honors and English, and am in the process of possibly adding a triple major (economics).

My ultimate goal is law school, and I heard Plan II is good for law school. Would Rice be worth leaving Plan II for?

The pros of Rice would be its prestige obvs and internship opportunities, whereas UT has lower overall cost and I could probably get a high GPA.

I’m honestly not sure, I’m strongly debating transferring, but I don’t know if it would even be worth it in the long run. Has anyone else been in this dilemma and could shed some light?

I love Rice. Not so much UT. But in your particular situation, you are fine where you are. UT is very highly regarded and you are not likely to gain a thing transferring , but will lose a whole lot of money that you could use for law school.

There is a simple formula for acceptance to a top law school: make outstanding grades and score in the high 160s on the LSAT. If you can do those two things in Plan II you will have many wonderful options.

I don’t see a reason to leave Plan II for Rice at this point unless you are truly unhappy with the student life at UT. There would be no advantage as far as law school or career plans.

This is absolutely correct. I am a lawyer and one of my co-workers was a Plan II major as was her husband. She went to law school at Harvard, he went to Yale. If you want to have a lot of great options for law school you are in the right place.

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