how well are credits transffered from another suny cc?

<p>Im in ncc in nassu would all credits transfer ?
also what would the articulation agreement be ? is it possible to get extra grants?</p>

<p>UB uses an online system called TAURUS for course articulation. It's fairly straightforward to use and has an online tutorial and guest login...just select the school you're transferring from and the course number you has and it will give you the UB equivalent course.</p>

<p>UB</a> - TAURUS</p>

<p>What type of grants are you looking for - merit scholarships or need-based aid? Do you know what your EFC is?</p>

<p>Check Taurus to be sure but I'd expect that a SUNY U would accept SUNY CC courses.
My son is taking online classes this summer form Erie CC and Farmingdale that fit the Taurus guidelines.</p>

<p>Might want to check with the specific department you'd be in as well, as they differ in what they accept. I know some people have taken CC courses that don't transfer. I think they got elective credit hours for them but no course credit.</p>

<p>Efc would be very low</p>

<p>If your EFC is close to 0, I would expect you'd receive something in the neighborhood of $5500 Pell, $4900 TAP (if you haven't used up your TAP credits yet), a few hundred in SEOG/SUSTA grants, work study, Stafford, and Perkins loans. Depending on housing costs, it should come close to meeting your need, and you can probably make up the difference with more work during summer/breaks.</p>

<p>How can you use up tap credits?</p>