How will these programs affect your choice of (or whether to go to) medical school?

Better understanding you patients is good. If done right, this is a positive.


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Your link would cost me $8/month to read. I’m not at all interested considering how biased the opening statements are.

With it coming from the AAMC my first impression is positive. There are many factors contributing to health and genetics plus diet/exercise aren’t the only things affecting it.

Just because an opinion claims that race being “a social construct that is a cause of health care inequities”[1] is mutually exclusive from “a risk factor for disease”[2] does not make that mutual exclusivity true, nor does it mean that medical schools are teaching such mutual exclusivity.

[1] For example, White people having a higher rate of refusing COVID-19 vaccination.
[2] For example, White people having a higher rate of skin cancer.


The post is asking how these programs might affect a student’s med school decision process.

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Here is what the AAMC itself says, if you do not want to limit your understanding of what the AAMC says to what an opinion writer says: (from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Competencies Across the Learning Continuum )

Here is a short piece from the AAMC’s CEO about it:


I can’t imagine anyone who has wanted to become a doctor changing their mind over this. Not one. If they do, becoming a physician wasn’t the right career for them anyway TBH

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That piece from the CEO is an excellent read regarding what is happening and why. Thanks for posting it.

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I’ll add that starting a thread with a pay walled link, and providing no context or summary, is probably not the best way to have an effective dialogue.