Human services or Elementary Education degree?

I am torn between getting an associates in human services or elementary education degree. I decided that I would like to work with children. I like the idea of counseling, helping, therapy, teaching,assisting, but not sure if I have what it takes to be a teacher… also, don’t know in which way I want to ‘help’

While both degrees are very different and help in different ways I am not sure which to choose.
I like the idea of working in a school system, but I also like to have different options in terms of job opportunities and not be stuck with just one thing. Which is why I am afraid if I were to pursue elementary education then I would have a degree just for that one specific thing, as opposed to a broad field (human services/social work)

I am currently an administrative assistant for the past 10 years for a real estate company, if I were to get my elementary education degree do you think I would have the possibility of working as a school admin assistant or can that open doors to working within a school system even if not as a teacher?

Btw, wanted to add that I am aware that I won’t be able to teach with associates…perhaps teacher’s aide. If I were to pursue elementary education then I would def aim to get a bachelors and license.

As of human services, then I would aim to go straight into the work force with associates.