Humanities Student in AP Calc AB vs BC

Hi! I’m a current senior taking AP Calc BC. The course is pretty difficult, so I’m considering switching to AP Calc AB. I’m a humanities student (history) applying to Northwestern ED. Would this affect my chances greatly?


AOs will look at your total transcript. They will not pick it apart course by course. No college in the country requires BC

Take AB at my school we aren’t even allowed to take BC without taking AB.

No. Probably very little.

I can’t say “not at all”, as every component of an application is considered. But a half-step down in an advanced/AP class in a single non-intended-major course would be nearly inconsequential.

As long as your overall schedule is strong enough that your guidance counselor will check the box saying you took the most rigorous courseload available at your HS (there is typically latitude in this) then you are fine.

No, it’s calculus. They won’t differentiate.