Humans make mistakes

I’m posting here to let everyone know that they should never take a letter of denied entry as the final say. I applied to TAMU as a transfer for fall 2018. Maybe a month or so later I got a letter in the mail from A&M saying that I had been denied entry to. Keep in mind I have a 3.7GPA, extracurriculars, and job experience. I called admissions and they said they didn’t
receive my transcripts from my previous institution even though I sent my grades to them immediately after they were available. I had to contact the department head and she fixed my denial entry to deferred admission as I am currently taking specific prerequisites

bforbes02 - I’m proud of you for persevering and following up. Please keep us posted.

Always follow up on items you have sent from other institutions. Of my three, we’ve had few hiccups.
When taking summer school classes at outside entities (community colleges) follow up that those class credits were received by home institution. Same with the AP scores. We had an instance where only half of the scores were sent when all had been ordered sent. The original request took 3 weeks to be received. The forgotten ones took another 5 days. Though ordering transcripts and scores takes seconds to request and pay for, it can take weeks to process and show received.