HWS RD 2024

Hi, Just curious to start a discussion thread on RD 20204. My daugher has questions about the two schools and what things are integrated and what is not and what dorm to pick. Any insight would be appreciated. We know that basics but an overview from a current parent or new parent that has some insight. thanks,

Sorry for my typos I did not proof read my post. :smile:

I know this is a year later, but for benefit of others with the same question I will briefly address it. I am a current parent. The “2” schools are really just 1. The only differences are in sports (Women are William Smith Herons and men are Hobart statesmen). I also believe you can have your diploma say one or both. The Deans are different for both schools - so if you have a problem, you see the WS deans or Hobart Deans. Other than that - all dorms, classes and activities are HWS - one school. I think the advantage for remaining as two schools falls squarely on athletics for a number of reasons spanning financial, Title 9 and recruitment.