I am 1st place winner in State Piano Competition (SCMTA)

<p>Ok, so I am South Carolina Music Teacher Association
soloist (first place).
Am I a hook for HYPS? Now btw, I am not piano major, it's just extracurricular.
My major strength is academic. I am top 0.9% in my school (I mean as class rank)</p>

<p>So lets say you are valedictorian out of 100 students, that makes 1%.
If you are valedictorain out of 200 students, that makes 0.5 %. haha (division...)</p>

<p>Obviously I wish I can have a hook like a athletic hook, but I do not have that talent.
But I played piano ever since I was young, and I won the state competition, which is competition for the piano major, and I WON!
Just curious, if this is a hook.</p>

<p>I would not say this is a hook; plenty of people with similar piano achievements and achievements in other subjects (even IMO people) have been rejected by HYPSM. However it is a great achievement that will certainly look good, and may distinguish you from others - congratulations!</p>

<p>Guys, why did you have to crush his confidence? You're awesome, you'll probably get into any university you apply.</p>

<p>No hook but it's a really good distinguished honor.</p>

<p>Play a real instrument now.</p>

<p>Lol what's real instrument.
And I do agree that Piano isn't the greatest hook, obviously unless it's a D1 sports atheltic hook. And whoever said real instrument thing, I bet I can play a instrument better than you.</p>

<p>So you won the competition and you were so excited you wanted to post on cc and see how far it could get you in college admissions. In that lull you repeated that you won four times because you still hardly believe it.</p>

Lol what's real instrument.


<p>Subcontrabass</a> saxophone 1 - YouTube</p>

I bet I can play a instrument better than you.


<p>Don't be cocky now because you may never know the truth.</p>

<p>What pieces did you play for the competition?</p>

<p>it'll definitely boost your chances, and is a noteworthy accomplishment. however, it's not a hook</p>

<p>Who cares if it's a hook or not? It matters that he learned something from it and he's proud of his accomplishments. Don't worry about it SwimmerP, there's alot more things to life than worrying about hooks. The thing is do YOU believe that your accomplishments are noteworthy? Then if it is my best advice is to follow your passion rather than trying to think about what adcoms think.</p>

<p>OP posted the same thread in College Admissions, Penn's forum, Harvard's forum, Princeton's, and I'm going to assume all the other ivy forums. He deserves no mercy.</p>

<p>if you're posting this thread so many times, you need to calm down OP, and just enjoy what you're doing. listen to what microphakia said.</p>

<p>Top 0.9% in your school AND State-level piano soloist in the wonderfully musical state of South Carolina?!!? OMG! u r shoe in 4 ivies!@$24!#@!</p>