I am a current Lehigh Student. Does anyone have any questions?

I was initially pretty reluctant to come to Lehigh, but throughout my first semester, I have been quite happy. I am an incoming sophomore student in CSB with a minor in data science and journalism. Here are some pros and cons:


Transferring between colleges and majors is very easy.

Picking up a minor is also easy.

Very generous with AP Credit as long as you have 4s & 5s (I got around 40 credits).

Professors and upper-level students are willing to include you (at least in my major).

I am a straight white male, but I am not at all into sports, fratty, or bro culture. I was still able to find a great group of friends while here.


A lot of people are very into the party and greek life scene. I am not as much and it doesn’t particularly bother me but it may bother some people.

I feel like I am stuck in the “middle of nowhere” because my hometown is a train ride from NYC.

If you want to consistently travel further than walking distance from campus you need a car. The public buses are extremely unreliable (I have seen them be up to an hour late).

The stairs.

It is heavily white.

At least for my aspirations (Software development), our career center is sort of useless. There are other resources to help me, but the career center is not the place.


Thanks for the info. Lehigh is a school I’ve been strongly suggesting to my son. I think it would be a great fit for him in a lot of ways. My main question is about their Physics program. Do you know anything about it? We’re in the Midwest so Lehigh isn’t a school that is talked about a lot. I’m from the east coast so I’m very aware of it and it’s strong reputation. But I just don’t know what their Physics program is like and where graduates end up. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Is it true that most of CSB placements in Lehigh is at financial firms like accounting and wall street?