I am considering dropping a course. Will my admission to UC Santa Cruz be rescinded?

I just got admitted as a transfer student from UC Merced to UC Santa Cruz. I’m currently a Bioengineering major and am failing Vector Calculus. However, I got admitted into UC Santa Cruz as a biotechnology major, which doesn’t require vector calculus in the coursework. Will withdrawing from the class still get my admission rescinded? It is going to be a very long shot to pass the class and I have 3 days to decide whether to drop it or try my hardest to pass it. What should I do???

Contact UCSC and UCM admissions before dropping the class to make sure this will not jeopardize your acceptances.

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I contacted UCSC admissions yesterday and they just told me to ask my representative instead, which I don’t have as I’m transferring from another UC campus rather than a community college. Do you know if there’s anyone else I could contact? I’m pretty scared I won’t get a response in time because the deadline to withdraw is April 4 and they’re closed on weekends.

You explained to admissions that you are not a community college transfer and they were not willing to help? Can you just contact a local CC transfer rep and ask about the course withdrawal?

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