I am willing to sue collegeboard/ETS. Hear me out.

<p>Hello CC
I am fed up with what Collegeboard and ETS has done and need someone reasonable to hear me out.
I am a current international student in Korea.
For those of you that are not familiar with the nasty education system that goes around here, Korea is infamous for its "hagwons" aka academies that supply students with information on how to ace the SAT, what's on the test (the actual, real test, not those cheap Kaplan prep book practice tests), etc.
Many of these academies were caught recently in the winter exams (Nov~Jan) for illegally releasing test questions that came up in previous tests.</p>

<p>Collegeboard/ETS announced, approximately an hour ago, and three days before the May exam, that the May and June tests will be cancelled in all of Korea.</p>

<p>Up to here, this may all sound reasonable. They were caught, and this is what Korea gets.</p>

<p>BUT this means much more than a simple punishment.</p>

<p>For one, there are current juniors that need to take the May/June exam before the summer and before they enter their senior year.
For those of you that think senior fall isn't too late for taking the SATs, think of it this way--you've been prepping for a test for at least a full year in order to get better things done over the summer, and now everything's been blown away and you've been forced to take it at a later time 4 to 5 months later with a high chance that you've forgotten everything you prepped for.</p>

<p>For two, 3 days before the actual test in May is WAY too late for any notice. The time, money and effort that was spent for these individuals that were taking the May test is now blown to pieces.</p>

<p>If this wasn't enough to get you at least slightly angered about what Collegeboard is doing, please hear my own story out.</p>

<p>Back in January I prepped and took the SAT II Chemistry test. Everything went smooth until the day of the test, when I found that my full-color copy of my passport wasn't a legitimate ID.
This is understandable -- copies are not "official" identification.
However, for me, my passport and national ID was at the US Embassy at the time going through Visa process for a trip that I was heading to shortly after the test.
Moreover, the test center advisor (who, excuse any confusion, was a teacher at my own school that was going on the same trip that I had applied Visa for), let me in to take the exam, and assured me that it would be fine because I knew him personally and there was no way I could have identified myself better than a full-color copy of my passport.</p>

<p>Only, on February 14, when everyone else's test scores were released, mine weren't, and soon after, the score box showing "Not yet available" disappeared.
After calling CB and ETS multiple times, sending official documents from the school that showed there was no way I could have identified myself other than with the copy, and with multiple emails that explained my situation, I found myself facing a firm, stubborn answer: decision cannot be overturned, too many scandals in Korea, thank you, good bye.</p>

<p>So after gritting my teeth, taking it as bad luck, and getting ready once again for the May exam (not to mention the $150+ I spent on registration fees, prep books, etc), BAM.
Three days before the exam, unofficially at that notion, I find out I can't take the test in Korea until October.
I say unofficially because CB / ETS did not announce it anywhere except through people that called them directly and through academies that received the information at 1 in the morning today.
It is now getting to be 3 AM here, and my parents are extremely frustrated with the situation.</p>

<p>I am seriously considering to take an all out American position here and sue CB. Excuse me if that sounded racist in any way.
If anyone has any advice or information for me on how to carry this out, please help me. I would appreciate any information.</p>

<p>For a final say, I am fed up with how CB has been handling things, and really, really am disappointed.</p>

<p>Thanks for reading this long post - I needed to desperately share how furious I am with how such a big, multi-millionaire monopoly can be so amateur in their actions.</p>

<p>The situation in January was the fault of the test center advisor. There are specific rules in place for identification, and you didn't meet them. You should not have been allowed to take the test. Consider, if they allowed your score to stand, someone else could complain that rules were not followed. In the US, you have to have valid photo identification (and even a picture submitted ahead of time). </p>

<p>As for the May and June tests, would you rather they let you take the test, and then once again cancel your score due to irregularities? Not only would you not get your score, but you would have wasted yet another day taking a test that doesn't count. </p>

<p>Rather than sue the College Board, perhaps you need to band together with other Korean students and see what you can do to put a stop to the rampant abuse by these academies? If the College Board knows that abuse is rampant, and they can't identify which students are cheating and which are not, their only choice is to cancel the tests, until they can put some sort of system in place to stop the abuse. Perhaps it will mean an entirely new set of tests for Korea, or some other system that is harder to abuse.</p>

<p>Far from being ameteur, they are taking a professional approach, and stopping the abuse in its tracks.</p>

Thank you for the reply.
As for the photo ID, I did have my photo attached to my admission ticket (as it should have been since October).
"Irregularities" as in what though? I have done really nothing to go against their policies as an individual, and I need to take the test one day or another (sooner the better).</p>

<p>Third point, I understand how Collegeboard really has no other way to get rid of these academies, but with at least 100 or more of them spread throughout the country, I don't think it's going to make things any better if they simply cancel the test centers.
Besides, if it were really the abuse they were going for, they've already done that. From my knowledge, they've gotten rid of the major academies that were most involved in releasing illegal test materials and such by closing them down or sending the police out to check their validities.</p>

<p>What I'm most frustrated about is that they still haven't notified us officially as to how things are going to be carried out.
A student at my school just called them directly and they've told us the decision was made on 4/26, about four days ago, and STILL nothing has been stated.</p>

<p>Thank you for the input, nonetheless.</p>

<p>While I can certainly understand and sympathize with your frustration, I don't think suing is going to get you anywhere.</p>


<p>Thank you. I know that suing may sound overboard, but I really don't know how to deal with this anymore.</p>

<p>It doesn't sound overboard at all.....I think you have a legitimate issue. I just don't think that one person, taking on a huge organization like CB is going to be effective in terms of getting what YOU need to move forward with the college process. Is there a way for you to connect with someone in the national office to discuss the issue? I don't mean the folks that initially answer the phone.....I mean someone at a higher level?</p>


<p>I would have to contact a lawyer who can present my case. But as for individuals on the national level.. Korea as a nation doesn't give much about their education system and how corrupt it is. It's going to be hard getting anyone from inside the nation, other than maybe school teachers and administrators.</p>

<p>One ought to feel sorry for you. Your frustration is understandable.</p>


<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>that's very unfortunate :( I can't offer any advice, but I can offer sympathy</p>


<p>Thank you. :)</p>

<p>Is it possible for you to register for the ACT? I know you prepped for theSAT but it would move you forward.</p>


<p>That would cover for the Reasoning exam, but not for the subject tests.</p>


<p>It looks like the June exam is open now for Korea.
Thank you everyone who took time in reading my post.</p>

<p>I will assume that the "suing" comments are not meant to be taken seriously, and are a way to express your frustration. You realize that you have no actual basis on which you can sue College Board.</p>

<p>I sympathize with your frustrations, and I am thankful that this doesn't happen in Canada!</p>


<p>I have basis; I just don't have power, although I understand where you're coming at.
Thank you, I really appreciate anything at this point.</p>

<p>I am sorry to hear that.
In fact, there are many people sell SAT answer before the test in China. I have recieved such advertisement as well. It's not fair for those who endeavor to the test.
Good luck!</p>


<p>Thank you. :)</p>

<p>sue 'em for all they got!!</p>

<p>but really, do you think it's worth all of the time and legal fees it would take to sue them? if you do, then sure, go for it.</p>

<p>Is it illegal to produce past sat questions? Well these academies are just telling their own students what questions might come out right? It is not like they are selling the questions to the public for profit. I thought college board also sells past sat questions? I don't think these academies are cheating because I heard many academies in China are doing the same for sat and toefl too. Well if it is really illegal to do so, college board should have only punished those academies without putting future sat candidates into disadvantage. Sat questions change all the time anyway and why these academies can't tell their own student past questions.. Correct me if I'm wrong.</p>