I can't log in with my old username and password!

<p>How come I can not log in with my old user name and password? Do I have to re-activate it, or can you no longer use it?

<p>Maybe this will help others having difficulties.</p>

<p>If you are a user migrating from the OLD College Confidential forum, you MAY already be in the system here in the new forum. Even if you are already registered in the new forum, you will still need a new password. Here's how to find out:</p>

<p>1) Attempt to log in with your old forum username and password. You will get an error stating that your login is incorrect. Click on the link to recover your address. You will be prompted for an e-mail address.</p>

<p>2) Enter the e-mail address you used to register on the old CC forum, and click submit. If your e-mail address is found, you should receive password instructions by e-mail within a few minutes.</p>

<p>3) If you get the message, "E-mail address not found", you are NOT in the new forum database and you should re-register by clicking the Register link.</p>

<p>Try this: click the "forgot password" link and type in the e-mail address you originally registered as on Old-School-CC.com. Then it should zip an e-mail off to you with a random password that they assigned to your screen name when they transferred over. From there you can switch your password in "My Control Panel".</p>

<p>Oh... so we can get our old names back? Heh, better try that.</p>

<p>yea this happened to me, but i did what the mod said. it works!</p>

<p>happened to me too. all is good now</p>

<p>One other thing - if you are having difficulty logging in or getting your userid/password to work, be sure that cookies are enabled and NOT blocked (at least for talk.collegeconfidential.com). The cookie enables the forum to remember who you are and let you post. A few members who had quirky problems found that enabling cookies for this site cleared them up.</p>