I can't sleep.

<p>Less than one day into Summer and my sleep schedule is already messed up x.x</p>

<p>You should listen to classical music.</p>

<p>That would probably put me to sleep quite quickly, but I don't have any classical music :P</p>

<p>There is a station devoted to it on the radio.</p>

<p>The only radio stations I know are 93.7, and 93.3... both pop/rock music :P I guess a quick Google could solve that though.</p>

<p>classical music makes me think :b</p>

<p>Were you enabled to find the station?</p>

<p>The only ones I found around here were AM stations, which I get nothing but static from with my Zune. So... now I'm off to find an online station (Wish I lived in the Bay Area... or in CA... or hell, anywhere but SC.)</p>

<p>And now I found an ad in a magazine for free sunglasses. Its not helping :P</p>

<p>There should be a couple of stations online that you can listen to directly from your computer.</p>

<p>Homepage</a> - 102.1 KDFC - Casual. Comfortable. Classical.</p>

<p>You can listen to it live on that website.</p>

<p>Awesome, thanks! (My schedule also thanks you :P)</p>