I don't get the whole sending stuff

<p>ok i'm jane from new zealand (hi), no one has ever heard of the SATs or even Princeton university, and I need your help.</p>

<p>How are the SAT II scores sent? Not questioning about transport, but like, if I wanted to send colleges my Chemistry scores, does my Biology and French scores go along too?
And I got (for chemistry): 1st try - 350
2nd try - 400
3rd try - 800
Do I get a choice to send only my 800 to the colleges? Or does the rest go along with it too?</p>

<p>Hey, in reply to your question, yup, your SAT II scores all go together, Chem, Bio, French included. I think all 3 chem scores will be sent over too. Ask around about this though - I'm not too sure.</p>

<p>When you send scores, all of them go. That includes all the SAT I's and II's you have given. You went from a 350 -> 400 -> 800? Pretty amazing.</p>

<p>thanks guys - I didn't know that replies come that fast.</p>

<p>the 350-400-800 is quite weird. I studied really really hard for the first 2 tests, then I took it for the 3rd time, without studying.. I accidently applied for the 3rd test when I was drunk - so I just took it anyway without hope, thinking I'd get like a 450 or soemthing.</p>

<p>When I really want something, I never get it. But when I dont really care, I get it.</p>

<p>Ok one more question - </p>

<p>How many times do normal people take the SATs? 1, 2, 3 or more? And how many times with the SAT II subjects? Is 3 times a bit overboard for chemistry?</p>

<p>People often take the SAT I twice or maybe three times. Beyond three starts to look bad. SAT IIs are usually taken once or twice. Three chem tests is a little unusual, but if the rest of your stats are strong it really won't matter. In your particular case it is far better to have three tries resulting in an 800 than two tries resulting in a 400.</p>

<p>And if People in NZ haven't heard of Princeton, what US schools HAVE they heard of? For NZ schools I have heard of Aukland and Otago.</p>

<p>thanx for repliying</p>

<p>well, ppl in New Zealand know about Harvard. And i think most know UCLA. This is probably due to movies - you know, the one with Reese Witherspoon in it... Legally Blond.
Im surprised you've even heard of Auckland and Otago. Practically everyone who applies, gets in.- about 80-90% acceptance rate. Unless it's medicine or law. then its like 50-60%. Tution is nearly free, but the school themselves suc.</p>