I don't have the slighest clue as to how good my chances are of getting in!!!

<p>So this is actually my first post, Jai is my cousin:)</p>

<p>So I'm a junior as well.</p>

Rank: 24/564
GPA: 4.02 (Weighted GPA, UVA does not recalculate, and this is the GPA my school sends)
SAT: 2080 (Trying to get 2140 by Oct)
SAT II's: 710-USH, 680-Bio</p>

<p>AP's: Euro(5) Lang (Projected 4) USH (Projected 5) Stat (Projected 3) Bio (Projected 4)
Senior AP's: Comp Sci, Micro Econ, Gov, Calc AB, Eng 12, Physics B</p>

Pres. of MSA
- Increased club size
- Held three Halaqah's (Seminars)
Pres. of Asian Student Association
- Founder
Pres. of Science Club
- two live dissections
- Increased member size 3 fold
- Arranged 2 field trips to elementary schools (for demonstrations)
Pres. of Model United Nations
- Increased member size from 10 to 68
- Increased conference attendance from 2 to 6
- Increased gavels from .25 avg over 4 years to 5 gavels in one year
Treasurer of Math League
- Arranged accounts for four years</p>

National Honor Society member
Academic Letters
Attended VA summer residential governor's school for Math, Science, and Technology</p>