I Ended Up at Northeastern University: Here's Where Else I Applied

Hi, I am a CC Student Ambassador and have created a list with all the schools I applied to last year with some notes on each of them. I wanted to share this information with others who are looking at schools to apply to and I am happy to answer any questions about my experiences with these schools!


I loved reading about your thought process on each school @delaney.roe. So glad you’re happy with your choice of Northeastern!

Also, just a reminder that anyone in the CC Community can create and share their college list, campus tour notes, and college search observations and results. Just create your own list here.


For BC, I wouldn’t say it had two campuses exactly. 40% of the freshman end up in Newton for housing, but the classes are all on the same campus.There are ways to finagle getting on upper campus, but it’s not so bad in Newton, and it’s a short ride. Definitely needs some wrinkles ironed out, though.


Thank you so much for sharing! It looks like you had some great choices.

My S23 is applying as a business major to some of the same schools. Did you send test scores? What range was your GPA?

Thanks for sharing.

UCSB does not offer undergraduate business degrees. They have undergraduate degrees in Economics, Financial Math & Statistics, Actuarial Science, etc. and offer a certificate in technology management.

University of California, Santa Barbara

UCSB was another top pick on my list, despite not getting the chance to tour here. I was attracted to their business school and the fun environment location wise. This was also a reach, and I was accepted here but decided against it as I was really looking for more of an urban city rather than a beach atmosphere.

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What did you think of UCLA business program ? I hear they don’t have a major that’s focused on business ?

Strictly speaking it doesn’t have a business school even for graduate degrees. Presumably @delaney.roe was thinking of the Technology Management program which, as you pointed out, offers an undergraduate certificate.

In any case, I don’t find it unreasonable to consider graduate school options when applying undergraduate.

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22 is way too many - didn’t see complete list. And what do the cultures of the target schools have in common? Seems focused on the social aspects. Should have included Arizona State, Delaware, WVU, Univ of South Carolina, UNH, Indiana and Penn State.

Seems weird to say that after saying that 22 is too many! Honestly there’s no one “right way” to put together a list of schools to apply to.


Yes, that is why it caught my attention. UCI, UCR and Berkeley all have schools of business. UCLA and UCD have graduate schools of management which offer MBA programs but not undergrad degrees. UCSD has a School of Management which offers undergrad minors.

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Excellent! Thank you for being so open about your applications and your views.

Greatly appreciated!


Some context on why these schools were considered would be nice. Nevertheless looks like a list that real people would build. Some times you like santa barbara so much it is ok if they do not have business school, you study econ/accounting!.


As someone who has a child applying next year, it was nice to read your process and I hope all is going well.


Hi! BC grad and mother of an alum. I was on upper campus and my daughter got Newton. I think her experience was better on Newton. It’s almost half the freshman now that are there and they really bond. It’s just for housing. The short answer is, either upper or Newton as a freshman is fine. Pros and Cons to both.

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Also, @delaney.roe, did you get in to BC? Your post didn’t say. I’m just wondering because their business school program is super hard to get in and I’m curious given the other results that your received where that one ended up. Thanks!

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When my daughter and I toured BC, our tour guide had lived in Newton, and he was very positive about it. Everyone bonded, and he said some of his Newton buddies still occasionally go the the dining hall at Newton to relive their freshman year.


Thanks for sharing not just your list but also your rationale for choosing these schools and your insights. Especially helpful for folks like my son (and me) who is interested in a business/finance/econ major as of now !


In business, what majore/ campus/special program did you apply for an get in for at Northeastern. There are a lot of options they offer and its taking a lot of time to research each option. I am a parent of 2023 kid.

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