UCLA Admissions Class of 2026 Discussion

That’s perfect. Thank you so much for helping me ease my mind. Appreciate it. Have a great day!

Does anyone know if the math and chemistry diagnostic tests are hard? What do they test you on and the format of the test?

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We are trying to plan a winter vacation and wanted to see if we should bring out college freshman along.
Does anyone know what it means by quarter begins on January 4th but instructions begins on the 9th. Does that mean schools starts on the 4th or 9th? Thank you

The 9th. Happy freshman year.

That’s great. Thank you for the information.

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Chemistry diagnostic test is extremely easy. They ask several types of question: chemistry, math, and random. The chemistry questions are similar to what you would learn in the first semester of high school chemistry. The math questions are mostly unit conversions and scientific notation. The random question are… truly random. They ask some logic questions, and then some questions on what chem classes you have taken and where YOU think you should be placed. TBH, I wouldn’t be too stressed about it; I did it in a noisy hotel room packed with family members and tested into Chem 20A honors.


Thank you so much for the detail information:)

No problem!

How often is it to get your admission rescinded? I have met the requirements of having an unweighted senior GPA of above 3.0 and not having 2 Cs, but will they rescind you for just having a grade drop in some classes? Do you know of any instance of this or an admission being revoked in general?

No they will not rescind you as long as you have maintained the provisional admission criteria. 3.0 unweighted GPA and no more than 2 C’s. You are fine.

thank you!

Is anyone still waiting for waitlist…….

Hello sir , you seem to be able to help. I have a question i got into ucla as an intl student and i used predicted grades . My admissions contract , says i have to get averege of b or higher and i have to meet predicted.
i got all 90 above in all subjects which were a1 and maths b2 bellow 70. i got in for econ. i have met predicted in all other subjects but they asked me to fill academic exchange form for maths.
will i be okay

From what little I know about predicted scores and UCLA admissions, I would say you are fine.

sir so my predicted for maths was 90 above and i got below a 70 but due to the curve its still a B. ive matched my predictives in all other subjects by getting 90 above are you sure ill be fine

Bro, maybe you should try saying “ma’am”.

Since I am not UCLA admissions, I would contact them directly with your question. Schools do not like to rescind any acceptance so it would have to be a grade equal to a D or F that would be cause for concern.

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