UCLA Admissions Class of 2026 Discussion

Hello potential Bruins!

It’s about that time of year again as the UC application cycle is about to begin. I’m 10s4life, the current UCLA Forum Moderator. I’m an alumnus of UCLA and used to work for admissions as an Engineering Ambassador. @Gumbymom and @lkg4answers are the overall UC Moderator’s and are knowledgeable experts on the increasingly complicated UC admissions process. @CADREAMIN is the USC moderator across town and can offer inputs on USC and the other UC campuses as well.

Please feel free to discuss about anything UCLA related here. There are many knowledgeable posters that are here to help. Also helpful are the previous Class discussions, waitlist discussions, and admit stats threads that are all pinned to the top of the UCLA forum. You can reach the UCLA forum by clicking the University of California, Los Angeles link at the very top of this thread. Best of luck and go Bruins!


Has anyone received access to UCLA portal. Mine has for UCB but not UCLA or UCSB. Thanks

We asked and were told January 2022

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You can check your application status on this link. Please note that Fall 2022 applicants need to wait until Mid-December.

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UC should look at integrating portals within their common UC apply platform. That way a student can login to that system and click the applied to link on the status page.


UCLA doesn’t have a pre-admissions portal like other UCs. They just allow you to check the status of our application. They are sending out emails acknowledging receipt of your application and a link to My Application this week.

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Yesterday ucla gave its portal.

Does it just give an update that your application was received or is there more information once you log on?

Basically, it just confirms your application was received and what major you applied for-- also your general contact info. Standard text says,

" We are happy to have received your application for Fall Quarter 2022 admission to UCLA! Over the next few months we will be busy reviewing freshman applications. If, during the course of our review, we find that we need any additional information, we will contact you by e-mail. We plan to release admission decisions in late March. In the meantime, please visit our site for applicants where you will find more information on the application process. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions."

Thank you for your interest in UCLA. Go Bruins!

UCLA Undergraduate Admission

Yes. That is . My daughter applied biochemistry in ucla and ucb. She got a letter for asking 2 recommendations from ucb in December 3 , summited application 11/30 . But she applied ED 1 in claremont school. She got already financial award so I assume she gets in.

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Yes we got a link. Had to enter all the details to get into the portal.

Thanks for the info. It looks like it is the same as it has been in the past.

I thought UCs didn’t ask for recommendation letters! Is this common for UCB to request 2 recommendations?

UCB is the only UC that routinely asks for LOR’s (up to 15% of applicants) but UCLA may ask for LOR’s or resume as part of a supplemental application for Nursing and Theater/Film majors.

@Gujiwoo was referring to LOR’s from UCB in their post.

Also some other UC’s can ask for LOR’s in their augmented review. Again a small percentage of applicants will get a request for an augmented review.



Yes. My daughter is requested by ucb.

Hi everyone I apologize for the absence as life got busy but I’m back now.

To comment on the portal Ucla’s is just for status. No need to check often. Also just a heads up the ucsd threads will inevitably go into some inspect element voodoo conspiracies about finding your admission decision early. That’s simply not the case. Just trying to save time and effort thinking about that.

Feel free to shoot me any questions about ucla!

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Yes. My daughter has received hers- maybe earlier this week/late coast week. Honestly all the days are running together


Congratulations on UCLA’s acceptance.