I feel as though I chose the wrong college

This is my freshman year in college and things are obviously a little crazy right now. But, aside from the impact of everything taking place in the world right now I am really worried I made the wrong decision about which college to attend. I’m going to UC Santa Cruz this fall, but I am worried I chose it for all the wrong reasons. I was worried about moving far away from home and felt the pressure from my peers to attend a more “prestigious” college and that if I did not I was less than them. I absolutely love Santa Cruz, and even though I’m staying home this fall I’m really unsure that this school is the right fit for me for a few reasons. When it was decision time it came down to UCSC, SDSU, and WSU back in May. Looking back WSU seems like it was the right fit for me. I could have been on a Division 1 sports team, was accepted directly into my engineering major, and although I never visited the campus it looks like a stunning location. I was worried about the isolation and being 13 hours from home, and instead chose the isolated campus 3 hours from home that I was not accepted into my major, and had the status I knew my peers would approve of. I guess I just want any advice but not to be belittled. Is it unheard of to transfer from a UC to a state school? Is it even possible/recommended? Would I even be able to join a division 1 sport my sophomore year? Or be accepted into engineering at another school’s program my sophomore year? Anything helps! I know this was a mouthful. Thanks!

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Not sure of the sport but i imagine its hard to perform at that level after a layoff. There’s certainly no harm in reaching out to the coaches/staff at those schools to see what they say.

good luck

Reach out to the coach: it seems unlikely you’ll be able to play Div1and more likely that your spot (and scholarships) have been given to someone else. You can also contact the coach and ask whether you could be part of the team (w/o a scholarship, which would be hard I think).

What “WSU” are you talking about though? Washington State U?

What about finances? Is WSU as affordable as UCSC, how will your parents pay?

I was not offered scholarships! Though I was given the chance to improve and earn them. Yes Washington State University, they are relatively the same cost(about 30k, UCSC might be a tad more). My parents are not paying for the majority of my schooling, they’re giving me a set amount no matter where I go. Which is about a 1/4 of the costs at either school. I’m working in order to afford school with no debt currently.