I Feel Left Out...

<p>Since joining CC a few months ago, I've read a ton of 'chances threads' and have sworn that I would never willingly throw out my statistics and be subjectively judged by the masses. I apparently lied because I type this post with the intent to do just that. :)</p>

Sex: Male
Age: 17
Location: Nevada, Missouri (pop. <8000)
Ethnicity: Caucasian</p>

ACT: 33
GPA: 4.0 (uw)
Rank: 1/181
School: Public
AP: Not offered. In a pool of 14 Honors classes, I'm taking 11.</p>

<p>My school is accredited and fairly rigorous for a state, public school. In the past ten years, we've had a few students attend MIT, Princeton, Columbia, and WashU in St. Louis. Most people just opt for a small, local state school. I'm one of two people applying out of state in my high school.</p>

I copy/pasted from the Academic Honors section of the Common App.</p>

<p>Locally, I have been honored as a three-year recipient of the "Highest GPA Award" presented by an affiliate of the Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs. In 2003, I was accepted into the Baylor University Debate Institute and a year later, I attended the Junior Statesman Summer Program at Princeton University. During the past two summers, I've been selected as a delegate to both Missouri Boys State and the Missouri Scholars Academy. Thus far in my senior year, I've been named a 2005 National Merit Commended Scholar and elected President of National Honor Society.</p>

National Semifinalist (2005)
National Medalist (2004)
State Quarterfinalist (2005)
District Champion (2004, 2005)
President, NFL Chapter
Premier Distinction Level in NFL</p>

<pre><code> [9-12 grades; 25 hrs/week - 45 weeks/year]

<p>Vocal Music:
All-State Concert Choir (2005, 2006)
All-State Show Choir (2005)
President of Choir (2006)
State Vocal Festival Qualifier (2003-2005) Superior I ratings
All-District Choir (2002-2005)</p>

<pre><code> [9-12 grades; 15 hrs/week - 42 weeks/year]

<p>Instrumental Music:
Head Drum Major (2005)
Asst. Drum Major (2004)
Marching Band Section Leader (2003)
All-District Band (2004)
State Instrumental Festival Qualifier, Superior I ratings</p>

<pre><code>[9-12 grades; 15 hrs/week - 25 weeks/year]

<p>Church Choirs/Teams/Leadership:
I am in three church choirs at my church. I also babysit on Sundays and
help lead a children's program after school.</p>

<pre><code> [9-12 grades; 10 hrs/week - 52 weeks/year]

<p>Student Government
Student Body Secretary (2006)
Class President (2003)
Representative from 6th - 12th grades</p>

<pre><code> [9-12 grades; 5 hrs/week - 40 weeks/year]

<p>Rotary International - Interact
Vice-President (2006)
Secretary; Charter Member (2005)</p>

<pre><code> [11-12 grades; 5 hrs/week - 40 weeks/year]

Teacher recs: Glowing, amazing, perfect, personal.
Counselor rec: Generic, poorly written, and sad. This woman has been the guidance counselor for the past 20 years and should have been fired in 1985.</p>

<p>I know this really isn't very comprehensive of who I am. Please post your opinions or (if anything) I'd like to meet people with similar interests or anyone who lives somewhere nearby. My main question is whether or not Yale has an unofficial quota system. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe I can fill a token rural/Midwestern/small town boy. Is this likely or possible? Beyond that, what are my chances for SCEA?</p>

<p>Thank you... :)</p>

<p>Your chances for SCEA are excellent (higher than an average applicant). Your EC's are amazing as are your recs. Yale loves accomplished debaters. A lot of it will come down to your essay and other stuff we can't really predict (for example, the increase in apps this year). Nevada should provide some geographic advantage in the admissions process though I'm not sure how much. It would be nice if somewhere you hyped up your "ruralness." So you didn't take the SAT? Your ACT score is very high but Yale probably admits a substantially lower proportion of people who report ACT alone (the CB is, afterall, a creation of the Ivies). If you're deferred this round, I'm sure they'll pick you up in March. Best of luck.</p>

<p>what kind of debater are you? policy, congress, ld, or public forum?</p>

<p>and are you going to Dowling, by chance?</p>

<p>He's from Missouri, not the state of Nevada.</p>


<p>you're from Nevada, Missouri? That's awesome! My family drives through there every summer on the way to Tablerock Lake.</p>

<p>spudkid: You basically made my evening. Thanks for the vote of confidence. And, yes, I definitely hyped my "ruralness" in the essay...I talked about the lack of challenges available. After that, I explained that through JSA (Junior Statesmen), I found a place that connected me to the resources and people I need to be successful.</p>

<p>ames029: I'm a hardcore LDer. :) I qualified to Nats in LD sophomore year and in Congress junior year. I've done PF before, too. Either way, it's fun.</p>

<p>koolaid_junkie27: Yeah. Nevada, Mo. My family and I used to vacation at Tablerock sometimes. Where are you from?</p>

<p>Your chances...are...really, really good, hillier.</p>

<p>Thanks so much. Jeez. </p>

<p>I expected a crap of a lot of dissent. Most of the people on here are so amazing and, when I read the comments on their posts, they weren't anywhere near this...nice.</p>


<p>I am from Lawrence, KS</p>

<p>I don't know if you pledge allegience to KU, but I'm morally obligated to mention how much I love Mizzou.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.mizzou.edu%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.mizzou.edu&lt;/a>
[My awesome back up]</p>

<p>haha, yes I inherited a love for the Jayhawks, but I think I would kill myself before going to KU</p>

<p>What's NFL? I see NFL and I think football.. but I don't think that's it, hehe.</p>

<p>I'm guessing its National Forensics League? Something like that?</p>

<p>Yay, go NFL.</p>

<p>Yes, it's National Forensics League.</p>

<p>Yes. I just got done debating for the semester. Good times.</p>

<p>I'm just getting my club in the NFL. We're applying for affiliation right now. We're so behind. It's embarrassing. :)</p>

<p>At least you're doing it. :) NFL is so amazing - maybe we'll meet at Nationals in Dallas this year?</p>

<p>hey hillier, something weird- i was just looking at an old tasp blog (umich 04, procrastinating), and there seemed to be a post from a missourian hillier- are you one and the same?</p>

<p>I am. That's me. </p>

<p>One of my best friends, Emily, went to UMich TASP that year. I liked to read the obscure topics on there...</p>

<p>Haha I'd never make Nationals. Maybe regionals in NJ? If I'm lucky. :P</p>