I finished HP7: Wow - Please no SPOILERS in this thread

<p>I think I'm pretty damn satisfied with the ending. </p>

<p>No, not just the ending-the entire book. </p>

<p>Bravo, Mrs. Rowling.</p>

<p>Edit: I think it's going to be impossible to make a movie for the 7th. Nothing would come even close to doing it justice-it would need to be 5 hours long just to get the plot...</p>

<p>Edit 2: Anyone else not sleep last night?</p>

<p>I also did not sleep tonight. I got the book at midnight and have been up ever since. All I can say was the book was amazing! In my opinion, it is by far the best out of all the Harry Potter books (and all the books in the series are pretty damn amazing). It was well worth the wait.</p>

<p>I read the online leak, and then I went to the bookshop the minute it opened at 6.30 AM (I'm in India), and re-read the book. I agree, it's th best Harry Potter book. Wow. I'm just waiting for my friends to finish it so I can discuss it :).</p>

<p>i read the online leak too =P im bad</p>

<p>Wait, so the website was real?</p>

<p>[edited to delete reference to link spoiler - Mod JEM] I was unfortunately working a release party, so i didn't get to start the book until after 2 :(</p>

<p>I really liked the ending, but the epilogue not so much. Seemed a bit cliche and unnecessary, but not bad. I kept getting confused with all the different names and people named after people...haha.</p>

<p>In any case, the book was amazing. And no, there was no way I was going to sleep last night.</p>

<p>Please do not even make references to whether any spoilers read in other sources were accurate or not. If you wish to discuss the ending, any spoilers, etc. please start a new thread with a SPOILER warning in the title --as instructed in the Harry Potter book release stickie at the top of the forum.</p>


<p>This book was amazing, to the point where it feels overdone. So much stuff going on in it....so much action. I have no clue how they will fit everything into a movie.</p>

<p>I kind of feel a little depressed though, knowing that this is the end.</p>

<p>Shouldn't a no spoilers thread be made BEFORE the book is released? :P</p>

<p>Im about 150 pages into it; it is GREAT!</p>

<p>im still reading it but im highly addicted to it
so far so good!</p>

<p>I'm so excited to read it!!</p>

<p>I had to order it from the library... gosh the line is like 4985439854 people long..</p>

<p>lol this book is so different from the other ones...page 400 right now</p>

<p>got it- 12:30
read til-3:00
asleep til- 6:45
finished it by 9:00</p>

<p>grand total like 5 3/4 hours.</p>

<p>great ending to the series. i thought the epilogue was a bit confusing.</p>

<p>well, if there are no spoilers, what kind of discussion what this culminate in? </p>

<p>anyway, CC deleted MY thread on HP7 - ok, there were considerable spoilers, but the POINT was so we could discuss HP7 thoroughly and in depth. Not only that, I must have posted about a hundred spoiler warnings - on the title, in my posts, etc. if ppl were upset about the spoilers, then they should have just stayed away from the thread. </p>

<p>gosh, im kind of mad. when i first saw that my thread was gone i was like, ***! </p>

<p>but yes, HP7 was kind of amazing. kudos.</p>

<p>you read it that fast? It's only been out for like 12 hours or something?!</p>

<p>Five hours 20 minutes to read. I was so absorbed that time slowed down.</p>

<p>I did notice the sun rise as I was reading. It was almost poetic.</p>

<p>lol it's been out for about 20 hours now and it's not hard to read harry potter fast because it's awesome lol</p>

<p>just finished and it was amazing</p>

<p>:eek: 20 hours looking at a book. I would go crazy!...</p>

<p>I was soo tired so I am gonna start reading now...and probably finish by tonight. Thanks for not spoiling, I would be angry lol. But yeah I'm pretty excited I wouldn't be able to stay up all night after a week of summer school, not even for harry potter lol.</p>