I found out that I just qualified for John Hopkins SMPY. Do they offer accelerated classes?

I have recently found out that I qualified for SMPY(Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth) the math part of SET with a 730 SAT score at age 13. Do they offer any accelerated programs? Also does this qualify me for Grand Honors. I am in 8th grade.

Congratulations. I’m fairly familiar with CTY but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. My son has had his last SIX SAT tests cancelled.

Have you exhausted the math classes that CTY offers? They have a pretty extensive portfolio. The CTY summer programs last summer were replaced with CTY live. My son had a blast. There were several math intensive classes.

If you receive high honors in BOTH categories you may be invited to High Honors Ceremony. I think it is a subset though.

Grand Honors are the absolute highest scorers each year. This press release says the top 12% https://cty.jhu.edu/news/ctynews/cty-grand-ceremony-honors-bright-students-from-around-the-world

I was supposed to take it in August but ended up taking it in October. I got High Honors on both categories . No I have not taken their courses yet because they have a lot a prerequisites before I can take the courses that I want: Calculus

Then the answer is maybe. You can email them, and ask if they have a cut off for this year and/or what the cutoff for last year was for both the High Honors Ceremony and Grand Honors Ceremony. But they are often slow to respond. There is also a pretty active Facebook group. I am sure a parent there knows.

Although the classes list prerequisite in actuality you just select them when you register. If you’ve tested recently there might not be follow up. I’m assuming you’ve done all the coursework leading up to a Calculus?. The classes are rigorous and if you jump in and are not prepared, there is no “ catching up” help. For instance, my daughter just finished a graded pre-algebra class and it had quite a lot of content my son never saw in algebra. (NB: my son regularly scores at the level on practice tests and there is no way he could enter at Calculus)

Yes I am more than ready for calculus it is something I have been doing since I was 11 but I would like to take an accredited course so that I can move on to college level work. The only reason I got such a low score was due to strange changes in scoring. I got only 4 wrong. Which typically should be a 750.

By the way practice test scores are inflated I got 780 of 800. 3 times in a row. but scored 50 points lower.