(I)GCSEs and IB anyone?

<p>Although I've already applied to Columbia ED... can't help but wonder things lol!</p>

<p>What are the following results like ifor my "shot" at Columbia Uni:</p>

<p>GCSEs/IGCSEs (grade 9 to 10) -
Art - A
English Language - A*
English Literature - A*
French - A*
Maths - A
Further Maths - A
Drama - A
Coordinated Science - A x 2
History - A*</p>

<p>IB predicted grades (sit final exams in May 2005) - I'm 90% sure of these (it's meant to be all confidential at our school, so I don't have full accuracy) -</p>

<p>Higher Levels Art - 6
English A1 - 7
History - 7
Standard Levels Math Methods - 7
Science, Technology and Society - 7
French B - 6</p>

<p>Extended Essay in English A1 - predicted an A
TOK Essay - in the process of doing it.. hopefully at least a B (Tok presentation was good 19/20)
So I'll get those 3 bonus points!!!</p>

<p>extra info - SAT : 1350 (670v,680m)
SAT 2 scores not out yet...</p>