I got an 89...

<p>So this basically is me making a really angry rant about my Spanish project for anyone wondering...I can't describe how angry I am right now but I'll try not to use expletives as best I can
Alright so my in my Spanish class we read a book called "La Casa en Mango Street" and we had to do a PowerPoint about really important things in our lives and how they've effected us and whatnot and when she was assigning the project she was making it sound like it was supposed to be this big deal emotional crap. So I worked on it the night before for 4 hours straight (which is 4 times the amour of time I've ever spent doing anything for Spanish) making sure my grammar was perfect and the actual project made sense. I had an English and math test the next day neither of which I studied for because I was working on that project until 2am. So I go to school the next day thinking my project was really good and I made my presentation without reading from a script like most other kids did. I felt like my presentation was amazing (not to sound like I'm bragging) and so did a lot of other kids. Then the next day I get my grade of a freaking 89 while literally everyone else in the class got high 90s. One girl read from her notes literally throughout her entire project and her Spanish was the worst thing I've ever heard in my life and she got a freakin 100. Her thing was about how white ppl have done stuff to her throughout her life or whatever. Not trying to sound racist I'm black myself and we go to a private school with mostly white kids but yea so I've basically come to the conclusion that the project was only graded on how deep you went into your personal life and so I can't describe how ****ed I've been all day today. Spanish was one of my favorite subjects and I planned on minoring in it in college but I'm starting to re-think it now.
So yea now that that's all expressed I feel a little better. But uh yea if you guys wanna rant about something feel free to do so cuz that was actually sorta relaxing</p>

<p>Hey man, I understand your frustration but getting so upset over a B+ is a bit unhealthy.</p>

<p>Yeah, these things happen. You'll get over it though. You'll never hear someone say, "Hey, remember that one time you got an 89 on that Spanish project?"</p>

<p>Why not appeal it?</p>

<p>Seriously what happened to seizing the day, smelling the roses? You got a B+, big deal, everyone has their ups and down, this just so happens to be a down. </p>

<p>Anyways, if I were you I'd get back up and show everyone who's boss when it comes to spanish BUT also relax. If this is your reaction to a B+, you WILL die when you face a true failure... just saying :)</p>

<p>@oxycotin I just find it unfair that other kids can get 10 points higher than me simply because they exposed more of their lives than I did</p>

<p>@Lullies well, I'm known for getting really high grades in that class and when people heard I only got an 89, some made fun of me and some were shocked at how I only had gotten an 89</p>

<p>@Saugus I talked a little to her after school today but she was leaving so I couldn't say much but Monday morning...oh man you better believe she's gonna hear it</p>

<p>Hey, don't take it too hard.
I can completely relate to that...</p>

<p>In my Spanish 3 class we did "Telenovelas" and we worked in groups of 4. Everyone else in my group got either a 100% or a 93%, but I got an 89%. I asked my teacher about it, and she's like "well, they brought props...and you didn't." I was pretty mad, but I got over it... I mean, I'll still get an A in spanish, so whatever. Some teachers are just not worth arguing with. I totally understand how you feel though. I actually memorized my lines and stuff, but I still got a lower grade. But, hey, thats life... :P</p>

<p>I got a 63 in my Spanish class and that's embarrassing because my dad is Spanish.</p>

<p>Awh well it's okay. It's not like they're going to make fun of you the next day or even next year. I'm pretty sure it was just a spur of the moment comment & won't happen again.</p>

<p>^yea I'm almost certain you're right </p>

<p>@theking101, yea I'm like the best in the class and my teacher knew I was angry and she still was messing with me to tick me off. I've seen her do it with other kids and never really cared but when she did it to me I wanted to just scream in her face. But yea I guess when they all fail the exam and I get 100 I guess it'll be better</p>

<p>I don't see how people can say just deal with it or whatever, that's really unfair. Maybe you should just talk to your teacher.. Nothing bad could come out of it, maybe you'd learn why you got the grade you did, or maybe he/she will raise it. That being said, an 89 is NOT a bad grade, especially since it isn't your first language. Don't sweat it, but do talk to your teacher. That would **** me off too. Sorry ):</p>

<p>I don't think it's really about the grade, it's more about being good and having inferior students/projects be recognized when you aren't. I'd be really ****ed off. It'll suck for a few days, but then it'll wear off. Or you can wear a trench coat every day for the rest of the school year and on the last day, go postal :D</p>

<p>I know how you feel, but seriously, don't worry about it. One B+ won't matter in the end, to the slightest bit.</p>

<p>your teacher is racist</p>

<p>The same thing happened to me on a physics project. Everyone read off scripts and gave faulty info with boring slides and got high 80's/90's. I had in class demonstartions, enthusiasm, and worksheets/class participation. I got a 57. (I confused centripetal and centrifugal force, even though I asked the teacher to look over my powerpoint to make sure I hadn't mixed them up days in advance)... My GPA will be severely crushed by this. The point is, it's happened and neither of us can change this unless we become as despotic as the guy in some other thread who bullied his "weak-spined" teacher. Teachers arent perfect, grading isn't as objective as we'd like it to be. I think that works to our advantage most of the time... In some cases, like yours and mine, they destroy our dreams and aspirations. LOL. Oh well, let's just pick up the pieces and move along!</p>

<p>I hate 89s so much. I just hope finals weeks can bring up my 2 89's to A's. (French and math)</p>

<p>Honestly people fuss about grades so much.</p>

<p>I stopped caring about 89s a long time ago.</p>

<p>If I get one I get one.</p>

<p>Focus on the learning and try your best.</p>

<p>I feel your pain.I got a 90% on my Day in the Life Project simply because I sat in a chair, the chair that several people before me had been sitting in. She never said we couldn't sit down.</p>

<p>Yeah, that happens to me all the time. Unfair points being taken off when I would have/ should have had a 100 or so.
This isn't unfair, but it is irritating. I now have a 92% in my sociology class because I got a 0 for a discussion. Apparently it was a participation grade and I only listened without speaking...well, I don't like yelling out like everyone else does, and why be redundant when other people have already said thoughts similar to mine? I also got a 75% on a project outline that I wrote up myself for my group members, went into full detail, wrote a miniature essay on, etc. How wonderful.
Anyway, sometimes, you just can't win. It depends on the teacher, and it is best not to worry about it and do the most that you can do and be satisfied knowing that a number doesn't determine your worth.</p>

<p>You cannot stop caring about 89s. Not at all.</p>

<p>Throughout my high school career (sophomore-senior), I got five 89s in AP classes. 89 is the same as 80, or a B and is weighted 4.0 GPA-wise. 100 is the same as 90, or an A and is weighted 5.0 GPA-wise. I hated those teachers with a passion and even switched out of two classes.</p>

<p>Because I had a 3.97 and not a 4.0, I couldn't graduate with the High Honors. (I got a D in Spanish this semester, that's why it's 3.97, haha)</p>