I got Cs in my sophomore year of highschool but did well in freshman year what can I do to save?

I’m currently a sophomore year in highschool and had multiple Cs with a a few Bs and As in my first semester, part of this is due to my lack of self discipline during online class because of the pandemic, and also me drawing day and night cuz I somehow got interested in art, I also confessed to my crush that I liked for years and got rejected… surely the worst time I can pick to make a confession (the night before exam week…). I also didn’t apply to any clubs or activities in the first semester cuz I didn’t care, but I care now. I did well in my freshman year with straight As but with only one club and one volunteer work.

So here’s an overall look:

Freshman year:
-Straight As
-One club one volunteer work
-3 honors

Sophomore year (first semester):
-3 Cs, 2 Bs, 2 As
-A few absents, worst time with 4 absents in two weeks(I slept over or woke up in the middle of class)
-No club and no volunteer work
-2 APs, 3 honors
-Especially the AP CSP, I completely missed out on learning for the first semester, have no idea how to make a proper code and would probably quit the AP Exam :(.
-The other AP is AP Seminar, which is also a C, the reasons are because I didn’t care, and my teacher didn’t assign assignments and expected us to turn them in when we can’t find them in google classroom.

I generally think that this is all my fault and the teachers aren’t the matter.

I have changed my mindset and fixed my sleeping schedule now but realized on how bad I messed up my past semester :(.

Is there any ways I can add up to save this experience? For example joining more clubs and activities or APS for the following years or maybe suggestions on how to overcome this horrible mistake?

I have lowered my expectations for colleges, I was planning to go to a UC but now seeking my goals in CSUs… (my parents are ok with CSU as long as I can make good money with what I have).
Please give advices :frowning: I need some mentors or comments.

Focus on getting your grades back up. Academics are always the first hurdle for college admission. Don’t worry about more ECs until you have your academics sorted.

Plenty of kids struggled with online learning. If you can show colleges this was a one off, you will have lots of college options.


I agree with this. Also because of everything that is going on, I would imagine (do not quote me on this though0 that extracurriculars would have be less important in getting a sense of your overall character as many are not even going on right now. Focus on your academics but still do things you enjoy.

Also, you could have the CSUs as more of a target/safety school and some of the UCs as your reach schools.

All is NOT lost. By the time you are applying, the pandemic will hopefully be over, probably you will have normal school next year. Meanwhile, try very hard to get those grades up. Don’t worry about “remote” extracurriculars right now. If there’s something that you like doing, sure, but otherwise, focus on academics. By the time you are applying to schools, the colleges will probably understand that some people just didn’t adjust well to going to school online from their bedrooms. If you only have this one bad semester academically, and the rest is great, they will surely understand that it was from pandemic poop-out.

The best thing you can do for yourself is keep improving your grades. Colleges are primarily interested in seeing that you can succeed in college. They know that this pandemic has affected everyone’s ability to do EC’s, so honesty, don’t worry too much about that. Do well in school and beyond that, fit in other stuff as you have time.

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Try to get your grades up and keep drawing as a way to relax and be creative. Try and go to your teachers’ office hours in the classes that you are falling behind in. Our paths in life, are never straight, this is just one of these detours. Chin up!

2 APs and 3 honors is a tough schedule without remote learning.

I would see if you can lighten your academic load somewhat and get involved with a club or something of interest to you.

good luck

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