I got into some trouble, will it hurt for college?

<p>A couple years ago, I got into some legal trouble with a teacher. It was resolved, I completed the community service given to me, and I was placed on a differed disposition, meaning all record of this is now sealed tightly in an envelope of which no one has access to.</p>

<p>There is however a record of the envelope's existence.</p>

<p>Can I still get into college without a problem? Keep in mind that this was my only trouble with the law, and I'm a good student, with top grades and AP/honors classes under my belt.</p>

<p>If this happened while in high school, your counselor is obligated to report it on the Common App (as are you).</p>

<p>Depends, what did you do?</p>

<p>Well being the stupid sophomore that I was, I decided to play a prank on a teacher I disliked at the time. I prank called his house multiple times, and ordered pizza to his house 5 times in his name (basically I called the place and when they asked me for my name, I gave his). I ended up being charged with identity theft and harassment (which I think was largely exaggerated when you think about the fact that it was a stupid immature prank). Just a side note - I never used or had access to any of his credit cards or personal information besides his name and address, nor did I look for it.</p>

<p>Anyway, they gave me community service and put me on probation. I since completed all my house (and even did 40 extra, because I enjoyed it so much), and they took me off probation early. And this is where you cue in the envelope thing I mentioned in my previous post.</p>

<p>-That's a terrible prank.
-You used your own phone to make a prank call? <em>Headdesk</em></p>

<p>Maybe he *67ed...</p>

<p>I have friends that have been caught dealing drugs and went on to go to Ivies. If you get better and look reformed, it can actually be an advantage during college apps. Don't worry, brosef.</p>

<p>It was a couple years ago right? As long as you take responsibility for it, hopefully it won't be a huge deal.</p>