I have a problem with the USC application.. Can someone please help me??

<p>Hey everyone</p>

<p>I need help from someone who knows USC and it's application well... I've completely finished the common application and the supplement except for one part. I'm applying to both the BFA and BA programs and due to geographical and financial reasons, I'm going to have to send a DVD audition to USC. My problem is though, on the supplement there is no place to indicate that I'm sending a recorded application, and the common app site won't send the supplemental app with errors... I sent out a few applications to different schools on Sunday and afterwards I emailed USC asking them what I should do and I still haven't gotten a reply... </p>

<p>Can anyone please tell me what to do in this case??</p>

<p>Did you email the admissions office or the theatre department? The latter would probably work best; maybe you could call on the phone...</p>

<p>As you probably know, this is USC's first year using the Common App--so this may be one of the bugs they'll eventually have to work out. Best to call USC School of Theatre admissions asap. Phone: (213) 740-1286</p>

<p>Thank you both so much for the quick replies! </p>

<p>I emailed the theatre department directly and haven't heard anything yet :( I have actually emailed them before asking about the DVD audition itself and I got replies very quickly. I just emailed them again as I'm thinking perhaps the email never went through for some reason. If I don't hear anything in the next day, I'll go ahead and call them. </p>

<p>The deadline is December 1st and I realize that their is still some time left, but I really want to get this whole process over with and just focus on my auditions. </p>

<p>Thank you both for your help and concern :)</p>