I have no interests and am so lost

<p>My parents are pressuring me to make plans for the summer,volunteering,internships,job.I am a sophomore in high school. I I have pretty decent grades but I suck at everything.I have no hobbies,nothing is interesting to me.I sit inside all of the time and do not go out on the weekend and I hate sports.My family is extremely successful and rich and expect so much from me.I don't know where to start or what to do in the summer.Any advice?</p>

<p>You sit inside, but what do you do inside? Do you read, watch TV, or play computer games? What do you do other than your homework? </p>

<p>nothing all I do is watch netflix and go on this website which makes me feel hopeless.</p>

<p>Watching Netflix is fine. Do you have any interest in tech or filming? Writing (plots and stories, maybe fanfiction)?</p>

<p>What are your best grades in school? Which class do you least dread going to? Who’s your favorite teacher?</p>

<p>If you were getting paid to do something, what would you want it to be?</p>

I honestly have no interests at all.I am currently in all average level classes but I get all As in them.They are easy for me.My parents say I am smart but don’t apply myself.I hate writing and LA class.I do not like any of my teachers they are all annoying but the one that is fine is my chemistry teacher.</p>

<p>So this is what you have found out: your non-interests! You don’t like to write and you don’t like language classes. My suggestion would be that you join an academic club. The clubs often need students and help; you will find like minded peers, who also aren’t sure what they want to do. On my children’s campuses they had math clubs, pizza clubs (only requirement was to eat pizza and stay for conversation), chess club, robotics clubs, anime club, etc.</p>

<p>You might also have a little bit of a depression thing going there. The next time you go to see your doctor, ask him/her if your feelings are normal. </p>

<p>@pinkpink103 How when you go to watch netflix, you watch an hour less of it? Instead of using that hour for netflix, try something new. One day, try coding. The second day, try reading about curing diseases, another day try animating, another day, try drawing. Try different things and I promise one of those you’ll like. Once you find that, take a little time every day and work to become good at that. If you still like it, pursue it!</p>

<p>I agree with @Teyrkis and @"aunt bea"‌ . They have great suggestions.</p>

<p>If you like your Chem teacher, try to converse with him/her a bit more about anything. Think about what is more interesting to talk about and do some extra research. </p>

<p>If you’re more math and science oriented, force yourself to join a math problem solving class (Advanced) outside of school. Try the AMC. These harder logical questions might be interesting. Even if you hate math in school right now, it could be because it’s a lot of busy and easy work. </p>

<p>This summer, learn to work in an office part-time (do clerical work). At least that will be a life skill. </p>

<p>go watch a ton of anime and play a lot of video games - it’s a lot more fun than other stuff actually</p>

<p>or try some competitions and try to win free stuff - they’re usually more interesting than school</p>

<p>If your grades are good you should try applying for a Pre-College program. Or, you should try volunteering at a local organization, I like animal shelters :slight_smile: As for jobs, if your 16 you should look at Stop and Shop (if you live near one) or watever your local grocery store is. Or, if you’re even a little bit athletic, try being a lifeguard! Its super fun and looks great to colleges!</p>

<p>What do you like to watch @pinkpink103‌ ? </p>

<p>There is a wide range of shows.Gossip Girl,Drop Dead Diva,Grey’s Anatomy,Scandal,Criminal Minds,Desperate Housewives.Shows not on Netflix are Biggest Loser,Awkward,Red Band Society</p>