I joined the Army Reserves...

<p>I graduate class of 07' and I joined the Army Reserves for college money but my training won't end until December. I am not sure if I can miss the first semester of my freshman year and then come back for second semester, or do I have to lose my whole year??</p>

<p>I'm sure (at least relatively) that you can defer your admission til the spring.</p>

<p>at least that's the way it was at my old school--not sure about here. call the admissions office.</p>

<p>Why not just do army ROTC???</p>

<p>Because you join the reserves, get a 3-year scholarship, then graduate, and get a civilian job and be in the Army reserves for 8 years, as opposed to the 4 year active duty commitment of the 4-year Army ROTC scholarships.</p>