I love wordplay with my name!

<p>I love wordplay with my name! My screenname is one if you guys haven't noticed -- LaTina... The Tina...</p>

<p>or I like to say that I put the Tina in procrasTINAtion.</p>

<p>One involves my last name. My last name sounds like the letter Q. So I like to play around with that too.. QT... QT pie.</p>


<p>Your turn.</p>

<p>I got people to stop calling me hannah banana a long time ago, and i never looked back.</p>

<p>My first grade teacher called me Tina ballerina or Tina bo-bina.</p>

<p>Then the whole class started calling me that and it made me cry.</p>

<p>But you aren't actually Latina I think, which confuses me <em>~</em></p>

<p>HarveyLewis is a result of a weird wordplay on my real name.</p>

<p>^ I just found where you posted your real first name yesterday!</p>

<p>^ Gasp!</p>

<p>My name does not allow for any wordplay. My music teacher last year called me [my last name]-Baby, which was kind of odd, but it wasn't as creepy as it sounds when I say it to people who don't know him.</p>

<p>^^ On CC? O.o</p>

<p>Is it an anagram or something?</p>

<p>yeah my cc name doesn't use any wordplay. Definitely no combinations of 15th century french apothecaries with obnoxious guys aged 16-30</p>

<p>^^ Mine? No. You spell it backwards, halve it, reverse it and expand it or something like that.</p>

<p>ooohhh, now I understand your other name</p>

<p>You do? Obscurity fail :/</p>

<p>^^ You do? O_O -applause-</p>

<p>I just know his first name is Rahul (there are probs millions of Rahuls kicking around),</p>

<p>Har---------------, etc</p>

<p>^Lulz, well done.</p>

<p>^ Actually, I think I knew that. I guess I saw that post CPA was talking about or something.</p>

<p>"Billy the Kid" is on History Channel so yeah... I got that a lot. But his name was actually Henry. But his last name did begin with "Mc".</p>