I REALLY dont know where i can get in with this profile ; can you chance me?

International Student who wants Financial aid( %100 ), Pretty Low Income for US ( under 30k), Really Competitive but not crowded Private high school -with 90% scholarship-, Rising Senior

Intended Majors: Business, Psychology, Biology (or something related life sciences)

SAT: 1380( 620WR/760M)

SATII: I can’t afford :frowning:

Class Rank: 1

GPA: 96ish out off 100 which equals 4.0 I guess

Coursework: My school doesn’t offer AP/IB, I had an option to choose bio/chem/physic or Geography/History/Literature packages In addition to regular classes and I took a science package.


*I am Co-Founder and Organizator of the Non-profit Youth Music Festival held for 8 times in 5 cities since 2018 (We donate all of our profits to Make a Wish Association)

*I’ve been “Head of Social Responsibility Projects and Budget” in School Council for 2 years and “Council President” for a year.

*I’ve organized 5 or 6 kermesses for goals like “Buy a gift for Christmas to orphans”, “Founding Music Class in a Village School”, " Donating to Association helps kids with leukemia".

*In addition to High School, I go to Conservatory -that accepts only talented people - to learn Violin and Solmization since 2017.

*I am the founder of the Computer Club(and than i realized, CS is not for me), co-founder of the MUN club in my school. I was Head of the Theatre club for 2 years.

*I have performed many times by music and theatre (local and school)

*I take a part in organization of UNESCO’s International STEM conferance in Istanbul - it was not a big role but i loved it.

*I’ve participated in 2 science and research competitions for High schoolers ( national and international), but I don’t have any accomplishments. ( biotech and Using biochem for the geographical problem)

Awards: I have 2nd and 3rd degrees on International exam called Urfodu in fields of Bio(2), Chem(2), English(2), and Geography(3)

1st degree on a Talent show in my school with my music

Essays and Recommendations: I guess they will be really good cuz my teachers love me, one of my recommenders will be my “Business and Entrenepureship” teacher and the other one will be my biology teacher.
and here is the my college list :
Union College(NY)
Skidmore College
Lafayette College
Lehigh University
Oberlin College
University Of Richmond
Kenyon College
Davidson College
Bates College
Trinity College(Connecticut)
Colorado College
Colgate University
Middlebury College
Amherst College
Washington & Lee
Emory University
Colby College
Carleton College
Tufts University
Swarthmore College
Cornell University
Pamona College
Williams College
Darthmouth College
Brown University
Stanford University
Princeton University
Columbia University
Yale University

Many of those schools do not provide any need based aid to internationals. Those that do are mostly reaches for everyone.

I think that your list is too long. You need to figure out what YOU want in a college or university, then find a school that fits what you want.