I Screwed Up my UW Application

Hey y’all, as you may or may not know, the deadline for the University of Washington is approaching pretty soon (November 15.) I horribly screwed up my application and submitted the botched Coalition application to the UW. I was working on the app late one night and submitted it. When I checked back on the application, I realized I had put my activities in the honors/distinctions section of my profile. Is it possible to withdraw or cancel my application and resubmit it? What do i do now?!

Contact the admissions dept and ask what they recommend

Try logging back in, you might be able to go back and make corrections. Universities know that teenagers are the ones submitting the applications. :slight_smile: They’re expecting mistakes here and there. It’s not an application for a top secret clearance, you should be fine.

Here’s an old post that should make you feel a lot better


Oh my that def gave me a laugh especially bc my friend submitted her Hopkins app with an activity that said “strongest curry smelling indian”