I spoke to my advisor and told me I can continue with CC to pursue a AAS in dental hygiene or nursing how would that benefit me compared to a BS in BSN?

A lot of users have been helpful. Kept repeating talk to my advisor.

But my advisor also told me I can play around in my student portal using this feature called a ‘What If report’ that generates and maps out a curriculum plan for missing courses.

I have spoken to my advisor in the past lots of times to a point where he knows me very well and to the point, I read the CC catalog where I have memorized it by now :smiley: I know which courses connect to what universities.

AAS - Associate in Applied Science in dental hygiene or nursing. I think maybe I might dump the AS in Physics and pursue an AAS get a job as a dental hygienist until I figure out what I really want in a BS degree because I am very bored of being jobless for the past two years from being a full-time student.

If I do make 80k a year as an RDH, I don’t mind paying out of pocket for small loans. All that money I would make in RDH will be in my bank account anyway doing nothing besides paying internet and phone bill only.

If I wanted to get an AAS in nursing or dental hygiene; I would be required to finish the remaining prereqs for the admission requirements before even entering that program. These would be covered, long as it meets the merits for ‘degree-seeking student’

Both dental hygiene and nursing would require these prereqs to be done asap before they expire in 5 years.

Micro Bio 233
Biology 121
Biology 226
Biology 227

I still feel a little down since a person who has a bachelor’s in dental hygiene or a BSN has a better hierarchy and higher positions than me :frowning: But I really love the dental setting a lot and wanted to work as an RDH ever since I signed up for CC, that was the whole reason of going to CC.

My advisor told me to hold on to those loads of courses, you can work while taking those courses and pay out of pocket. CC does not care you can take many courses and just pay out of pocket. Just focus on working and then once you’re ready you can speak to a Uni advisor from there.

Which would you prefer doing? Cleaning people’s teeth, or doing nursing work, probably in a nursing home, since most hospitals are moving towards employing BSN’s? The RN can lead into a BSN, and your future employer might pay for it, while you’re working for them. There is more flexibility in what one can do with a nursing degree. But if you prefer the idea of working in a dental office cleaning people’s teeth, then the dental hygienist program is for you.

I think this is a very good idea, for you to focus on an immediate career goal, quickly attainable, so that you can become self-supporting.

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Cleaning people’s teeth. I am not grossed out by this profession.

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What do you other users think? I @ all of you since you were helpful :slight_smile: I think I might have missed some users.

Sounds like you have talked to your advisor and have a plan. Now just do that plan. It’s that simple.

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RN has more job openings and more opportunities for growth, and the base salary is better. RN->BSN is an established path. You’re sure to never be unemployed and work as many or as few hours as you want/need.
Dental Hygiene is a stable job but it doesn’t pay as well and it has very few opportunities for growth or promotion.

A Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene is of little value over an AS. It was even part of a large-scale study and shown to be a “trap” for lower income students who didn’t know better and thought they were getting a “real” Bachelor’s degree.

Are some of the above Bio courses sequential (ie., does 227 have 226 as a pre-req? Does 233 have 226 or 227 as a pre-req?)


I think nursing has better job opportunities, but I’m concerned that you said you get colds and the flu easily and seem to stay sick for awhile. If I remember correctly you said it causes you to miss school and/or work too. If that’s true, I’d think twice before entering any health related field that requires patient contact.


The vast majority of dental hygienists do not have bachelors degrees in dental hygienist! They have associate degrees.

I still suggest you do a career survey with you community college. Ask your advisor about this.


It would be helpful if you posted in one thread instead of starting new ones since they’re all related to the same topic. Having to search multiple threads for pertinent details can be time consuming.


Let’s regroup. Do you prefer to do an AAS in dental hygiene or nursing, or finish your AS degree ASAP, and transfer to UIC (or another 4 year school)?

Based on the classes you said you have taken, it seems this is where you are in terms of fulfilling the requirements for an AS degree.

Math 018 – Co-Curricular for Math 118 - 2 CH
Math 118 – General Education Math - 4 CH – Gen Ed
CIS 120 – 3 CH Elective?
CRM JUS 114 – 3 CH Elective?
INTDSP 101 – 3 CH
English 97 – 3 CH
English 101 – 3 CH Gen ed
CIS 122 – 3 CH Elective?
HEALTH 250 – 3 CH Elective?
College Algebra 140 – 4 CH Gen Ed
Introductory Statistics – 125 – 4 CH Elective
English 102 – 3 CH Gen Ed
Sociology 201 – 3 CH Gen Ed (SBS)
Psychology 201 – 3 CH Gen Ed (SBS)
Speech 101-1 – 3 CH Gen Ed
Chem 121 – Basic Chemistry 1 – 4 CH Gen ED
Math 141 – Plane Trigonometry 3 CH Elective
English 150 – College Newspaper 1 CH

Spring 2021

Art 103 – 3 CH Gen ed FA/Hum or elective
Music 121 – 3 CH Gen ed FA/Hum or elective
Math 143 – Pre-Calculus 6 CH Elective
Math 207 – Calculus 1 & Analytical Geometry 5 CH Elective

So for spring why are you taking Art 103 and Music 121? You need one class from the Art category and one from the Hum category…so you still need a hum, and the second Art/Music will count as an elective.

What you still need:
-Bio 121 AND 122 (Bio 226 and 227 do not count as gen eds) OR Bio 121 and another physical science from the set of classes at the link above.
-HUM 3 credit hour course

Is this what your records show? That after taking Bio 121/122 OR Bio 121 plus another physical science AND the HUM course, you would have all the requirements for your AS degree (37 credits gen eds and 23 credit hours in electives)? If so, it seems you can take Bio 121, a phys science that satisfies the gen eds, and a Hum gen ed this summer, and move on to a 4 year college or work for a year (I have heard you say both).


The bio courses are sequential… Bio 121 is required for Bio 226, and Bio 226 required for Bio 227. (226/227 is a one year anatomy and physiology progression). Neither Bio 226 or 227 satisfy gen eds requirements for the AS degree (would count as electives, but OP has plenty of electives).


@napnemeanix I am confused by some of your recent posts (and by some of the old ones if I am honest.) I am rooting for you and hope for the best, but I am going to be blunt at the risk of sounding rude.

[quote=“napnemeanix, post:1, topic:3505728”]
But I really love the dental setting a lot and wanted to work as an RDH ever since I signed up for CC, that was the whole reason of going to CC.
[/quote] Then why didn’t you pursue this goal? Why get an AGS…an essentially useless associates degree on its own, unless your goal was to continue for a bachelors at a 4-year institution? It looks like you took some CIS and criminal justice classes at some point. There is nothing wrong with exploring interests but that doesn’t jive with your comment above. Why not pursue an Associates in Dental Hygiene from the beginning?

Does a career in health really make sense for you? Or is this stuck in your mind because of what you have been “told by this friend and that friend”?
Based on your statements in many threads, we have been advising you with the understanding that your ultimate goal is to work in a health-related field (dentistry or medicine). But last night you expressed your covid concerns and apparently part of the reason you did not finish high school and were delayed continuing your education is because you kept “catching colds”? I am not making light of the very real need to be concerned about covid exposure, especially if you are caring for at-risk family members or are at-risk yourself, but the way you worded your concerns seemed more than that. Do you REALLY think you can work in a health-related field with patient contact (this includes dental hygienist and RN)? Even with the precautions health workers take, there is a level of unavoidable risk. You will not be successful in ANY career if catching a cold keeps you from performing your duties.

I don’t say this to discourage you. You have invested a lot of time to achieve an associates degree, and I want you to be successful in whatever you pursue. I say this to encourage real self-reflection, uninfluenced by whatever your friends have done or with a pie in the sky goal of just making a lot of money. Before completing an AS (which MWfan1921 has mapped out for you very clearly), please please please visit a career services advisor and take a career survey.

In my posts, I have encouraged you to, as quickly as possible, complete a degree that makes you employable. You can figure out a bachelors, grad school, etc. after that. You are 28 years old and haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life so maybe you need to work at an entry level in a field you “think” you will like and then invest time in a bachelors degree once you know it is a good fit. Only you can figure out if that is dental hygienist, RN or something else.

Please meet with your advisor to discuss REALISTIC career goals. Once you are comfortable with that, map out a course plan. Sincere best wishes.


You have your answer then. Focus on the short term, immediate, and attainable goal of becoming a dental hygienist. You could have a job that earns you a decent living 3 years from now. You’d be over 30 by the time you’re earning a living, but you’re 28 now, and this is the quickest way to a certification that enables you to become self-supporting.

Many people who did well in high school, got good grades, had good standardized test scores, went straight to good colleges and did well there, and have decent MCATS or DATS still don’t get into dental or medical school, or even PA school, which has become almost as difficult to get into as medical school. These are people with proven track records and high achievement, and they STILL couldn’t get into medical or dental school. You need to let that dream go, because it is holding you back from thinking realistically about an achievable career for yourself, that would enable you to become self-supporting.

It is true that an RN could lead you to a BSN, could lead you to an MSN or APRN or even “doctor” of nursing, and you could be working, supporting yourself, through that entire progression. But you seem to prefer dental hygiene, which is perfectly fine.

I urge you to meet with the advisor at your college now. Do not rely upon past meetings. Do not rely upon the “What if?” function. Don’t assume that you have figured out, and laid out, your correct progression to completing the prereqs for the dental hygienist program. MEET WITH THE ADVISOR. Contact your advisor and make an appointment, which will probably be over zoom, to discuss the exact specifics of YOUR situation. Plot out the coursework you need to get into the dental hygiene program, and move forward with that.

BTW, you said something about doing certain prereqs asap before they expire in 5 years. What do you mean by that? Have you been in community college for so long that some of your other prereqs for the dental hygiene program are about to expire?


By expire I meant bio 121, 226,227, and micro bio 233 expire in 5 years. I have not taken those 4 sciences courses yet.

I’ve been in CC since 2019 which’s almost 2 years I managed to finish 22 courses at a fast rate.

You have to pass Bio 121 in order to take Bio 226, and then move into 227.

The prereqs for Micro Bio 233 is Bio 121.


Plus I was very new to the CC lifestyle. At my orientation they told us just to focus on you’re gens and eds until we find a path we want. after my 3rd semester, I finally realized what I like about nursing or dental hygiene. I know with nursing you can climb higher but RDH is just one profession only and the pay is decent but won’t climb the ladder that far.

I sometimes can be a very hard-headed person, I have to play with the hypothesis myself and piece together everything until it’s valid. Everyone here was very helpful but still, I have to test out the theories and do some searches before I can make an agreement :smiley: That’s just me a typical hard-headed Taurus :joy:

I have not gotten sick ever since Covid started, been in isolation from human’s.

But if it requires me to wear a mask for the rest of my life while serving patients, then so be it :slight_smile: Masks are the only thing that can protect me from the common cold or flu which ever cold occurs.

I’ve been going outside and making trips to the bank, grocery shopping while wearing my mask and never got sick. Even if Covid is over, I’m still going to wear a mask at all times now.

If Covid did not exist going grocery store coming contact with someone who was sick with the cold, I would catch it easily, if a person did not wear a mask. That’s the best tip I have to follow now to protect my self.


My advisor told me to take music and art to meet the merits for the fine art and humanities since I was at 0% for that category.

Mostly probably work as a nurse or dental hygienist until I have a full concrete plan for a BS degree. Most courses I took were extra curricular for fun.

If you look at the link I sent the art and music classes fulfill the fine art requirement for a AS degree (you need just one FA), but neither fulfill the HUM. You need one class in each category. Maybe you aren’t looking at the AS requirements?

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What did you mean when you said you’ll be done with your cc in May? Did your advisor tell you that you have all your gen eds, electives, and major requirements and will be able to graduate with an AGS degree in May 2021?


I looked at it heavily but my advisor told me to take both art and music, these courses are super easy and an easy A.

I get they are easy. But you still need to take a Humanities course from the list at the link I sent you if you want to get an AS degree. But perhaps you are targeting a different degree, no one is quite sure where you are on this.