I stopped receiving emails from Tufts

Hi guys, I applied ED1 to tufts and since the time I submitted my apps, they stopped sending me emails (for example, upcoming virtual events, just advertisement in general). Is this happening to anyone else?
Also, I requested an interview on November 2nd and I have not received an email from them. Does this all mean because I don’t qualify to go the school?

Or am I over thinking all of this?

I really don’t know. Same thing happened to me with UPenn that I applied ED. I really through about it at first and thought they stopped the emails because they wouldn’t accept me but then asked some friends of mine and they also haven’t received emails lately.

I am also applying ED to Tufts but EDII if I don’t get into Penn. I haven’t received any updated for tours/events in the last 10 days so I think you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck!


I also applied ED. I really wouldn’t worry about it, and I don’t think it means anything at all. Emails are slowing down for all colleges right now as they move to the reviewing process (as opposed to the recruiting process where you were bombarded with emails).

Furthermore, if you think about it, it wouldn’t be very logical for Tufts to send you a bunch of emails right now trying to recruit you when you’ve already told them that they are your top school. If anything, take it as a relieving sign that they’ve received your application and know they don’t have to convince you anymore.

Best of luck!

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Did you request an interview? If so, did they get back to you?

And yes, good luck~!

Yes, I requested an interview a few weeks ago. I actually didn’t hear back from them until yesterday morning when they asked me if I could do an interview that night. I also really wouldn’t worry about the interview too much, it doesn’t seem to affect their admissions process much if at all. I think they structure it more to hear your questions about Tufts.

Hi Anna. I will apply to Tudts ed2 if I don’t get into Upenn ed!

Best of luck with UPenn (& with Tufts, if that’s the path you end up on)!

Good luck to you as well. Remember that everything happens for a reason and that wherever you go it will be the best fit for you:)

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I wouldn’t worry about not getting an interview. DS got into Tufts RD a couple of years ago despite the fact that he didn’t get an interview. I think it’s just a matter of interviewers being available and whether you get an interview or not should not be seen as a bad (or good) sign when it comes to your chances of being accepted.

I also applied ED1 and haven’t received any emails since. I was also a bit worried but I don’t think it has any correlation to your qualifications. I am also overthinking everything a bit. I submitted an interview request right after I applied and heard back 2 weeks after. I did my interview last night and it was nothing too stressful. Hope everything goes well!

Thank you! its a relief to hear that!

yes! I wish everyone the best of luck