I want to be a Tar Heel...

<p>Actually, I got in and my rank was 100 out of 400.</p>

<p>lol tarheel just go and get it over with... if it's good you can stop worrying if it's bad you at least have something solid to work with</p>

<p>To those really old posts about enloe... I currently go there and am on track for 20 ap courses... And that is considered normal... Now do you see why unc accepts so many of us?</p>

<p>Your GPA and class rank are a tad low. That's the one thing I'd be worried about. Otherwise you look good</p>


<p>dude, are you serious about that? how in the world can you do that in high school? I go to a north carolina public school (graduating this june) and we are on that block schedule, so I take eight classes per year. but before you can take an ap class, you have to take an honors class to get into the ap class. how are you getting 20 in? isn't that a lot for high school anyways? where else have you applied other than The Hill?</p>

<p>the kitesurfer.</p>

<p>It looks like you're pretty on track, just watch your class rank. Perhaps do some volunteer work over the summer which can always help your resume:)</p>