I want to get a dog for my friend for her birthday, where to get $?

<p>I want to get my friend who is very very close to me who I've known since the 1st grade a dog. Everytime she sees a dog she'll run up to it and start playing with it and it's obvious how well along she gets with these animals. She absolutely loves dogs and has wanted one desperately ever since she was little. Her parents don't have the money to get her one unfortunately. I would like to get her one myself and her birthday is in December, so how do you thin I can raise money and stuff to get her one? How much does one usually cost + what shots do i get it?</p>

<p>My only option right now that I can think of for a "job" is tutoring but meh.</p>

<p>You might want to make sure getting her a dog is even a good idea.
If her parents can't afford one, is it likely they'll be able to afford the upkeep of a dog?</p>

<p>Getting someone a pet is usually not a good idea. It's halfway to handing someone a baby. Having one may be expensive, but raising one is exponentially more so.</p>

<p>If you get a dog for anyone, don't go to a pet store. Adopt one.</p>

<p>Yeah i agree with platts. Dogs are expensive. you have to give them shots every year, feed them, get special shampoo, buy treats, buy toothpaste and a doggy brush..</p>

<p>If she can't afford vet bills (both annually and emergency), shots, etc. including the regular cost of maintenance, she shouldn't have a dog herself. Or any animal for that matter. It goes beyond the initial cost.</p>

<p>In addition to medical care, factor in pet sitting when the family is away, and who will take care of the pet when your friend goes off to school, assuming that might happen.</p>

<p>If they do not have the money to buy one, it is unlikely that they will have the money to raise it...</p>

<p>oh lol. i didn't think of what would happen after ... silly me</p>